iClippy works by capturing the visuals from screen, camera, or scanner to an online clipboard without having to save the pictures to the local computer first. The images are immediately available for pasting into email, online document, blog, instant message, twitter, facebook, or any other number of resources. The images are also searchable both from the web and from the local sidebar. The images are automatically scaled down to the size that’s appropriate for online resources and as defined by the account type.


Easy to Capture

Copy and Cut Operations Intercept
iClippy intercepts windows copy and cut operations to automatically copy the image to iClippy service. This allows no change of behavior on user's part.

Capture from Scanner
iClippy makes storing business cards, receipts, and documents online easy by supporting scanners attached to the PC.

Capture from Screen
Capture any area on the screen using a Quick Area Capture system. Quick Area Capture allows the user to highlight the region they want copied. In just a few clicks the image is copied to the iClippy online storage and appears in the sidebar.

Easy to Find

Integrated Search
Integrated search leverages the description, tagging, and optical character recognition by allowing the user to quickly find information they are looking for.

Optical Character Recognition
After the image is captured, iClippy allows the user to quickly extract the text data into the description field for future reference.

Easy to Access

iClippy Sidebar provides access to your Internet Clipboard right from the desktop, while also providing access to image management functions (pin, delete, copy to local clipboard, and view full size)

Web Access
In addition to the sidebar, your iClippy Gallery is accessible via the web. By having web access, the user can get to their files from anywhere. From there users can manage their digital assets, comment and share.

Easy to Share

Smart Auto Insert
iClippy automatically adjusts what is inserted where depending on the nature of the destination. If destination supports html format (webmail, wiki, and other online documents), paste (CTRL+V) operation will insert the image in HTML format. If destination only supports text, a link to the image will be inserted.

Integration with Twitter
Posting to Twitter from iClippy is as simple as checking off an option. iClippy will take care of uploading the image, providing the link, logging on to Twitter, and creating a post. One less thing to worry about and an awesome way to twit visuals.

Easy to Protect

Smudge personal information off the screenshot in one quick motion without ever leaving iClippy upload dialog.

Stamp any text message into your image to protect its privacy and reduce or eliminate improper use.