Why pay to host your content in a server? FrostWire lets you share your creations with millions of people right from your computer, absolutely free.


  • Send Large Files and Folders
  • Faster Download Speeds
  • iTunes Compatible!
  • Download Magnet Links
  • Friendly Online Chat Rooms
  • Completely Free & Open Source!
  • No Spyware. No Adware. Guaranteed.
  • Internet Radio support
  • New & Improved Skins
  • New Media Library and Audio Player

What's New:

The first thing you will notice is our switch to flat-land design while still keeping our flavor. A flat user interface means not using any gradients, this makes screen painting faster and more energy efficient, as well as less memory intensive.

  • Insanely faster cloud search results.
  • Significant memory optimizations on search result parsing and display.
  • Major update in cloud downloading architecture, Dynamic Adaptative Streaming over HTTP downloads supported.
  • Removed jDownloader libraries, less complexity, lighter app.
  • Fixes bug where transfer progress bar would fill up before download was complete.

New Search

Search now reveals a lot of search results you may have been missing.

FrostWire is a file type agnostic search tool for your mobile, on this release you will be able to see in real time the number of search results you get per file type (Audio, Video, Documents, Programs and Torrents)

We’ve also made a lot of upgrades under the hood that will make search feel faster and better than ever. A few new search engines have been added to FrostWire’s smart meta search, and more are coming on further releases of the 1.2.x series.

Other Changes:

  • New Flat Skin makes screens rendering faster.
  • New, more stable, slide in navigation menu.
  • Considerable memory usage optimizations.
  • Fixed skip-song gesture on top of player seek bar.
  • New icons.
  • After opening one of My Files, FrostWire will now remember the position of the list of files, no more scrolling down to continue browsing your own files.
  • Current song being played now is displayed at the bottom of the navigation menu.
  • Current song being played now shows “Stop” icon when browsing your own audio files.
  • Updated turkish translation, thanks @Serrae.
  • New BitSnoop metasearch.
  • New TorLock metasearch.
  • Removed ISOHunt metasearch.
  • Fixed Monova metasearch.
  • French translation updated.