Cloud System Booster is a new innovative system maintenance & optimization tool based on cloud technology. It’s a strong all-in-one PC repair and system maintenance program with Four powerful functions:

  • Cleaner: Analyzing and cleaning unneeded files that slow down a PC in a fast way.
  • Optimizer: Optimizing items that impact PC performance to speed up computer for a better performance.
  • Repair: Finding and repairing PC errors in a smart way Application Cleaner and Optimizer: Analyzing the installed applications on a PC to clean and optimize them to make PC run at a peak performance.

It's designed for both PC novices and professional users, with one-click a day for simple computer boost and typical expert mode for professional PC fix.

Cloud-based Optimization Engine and Online Database

We get the latest profiles on all the new software, and use an online cloud database. Our cloud technology is user-sourced, which means that it evaluates programs based on thousands of ratings, some by tech professionals and others by users who’ve used the applications and want to tell others about them.

Chameleon – Change Skin with Simple Drop

User could define and change the skin of Cloud System Booster by the function – Chameleon, which is simple and amazing. Select the pictures or photos that you like and drop one into the program to replace the default one. (Supported picture formats: .Png, .Bmp, .Jpg, .Jpeg).

Powerful Cleaner

It scans and analyzes entire computers in as little as one second, and cleans up junk data on disk, registry, and more unneeded Windows files.

Multifunctional Optimizer

By customizing which services are active and which are disabled, it can optimize your computer to make your PC perform at its peak.


Repairs PC errors related to Windows system and Windows registry. It can also restore privacy settings if they are changed maliciously.

Application Optimization

Optimizes installed programs to make PC run fast. Cleans up some junks that made by third-party applications or web browsers.