RJ TextEd is a full featured text and source editor with Unicode support. It is also a very powerful web (PHP, ASP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS) development editor. The functionality extends beyond text files and includes support for CSS/HTML editing with integrated CSS/HTML preview, spell checking, auto completion, HTML validation, templates and more. The program also has a dual pane file commander, as well as a (S)FTP client to upload your files. Below is a small list of features available. For a full list check out the features section.


  • Auto completion
  • Code folding
  • Column mode
  • Multi edit and multi select
  • Advanced sorting
  • Handles both ASCII and binary files
  • CSS and HTML wizards
  • CSS and HTML preview using internal IE, Firefox 4 and Chrome browsers
  • FTP and SFTP client with synchronization
  • File explorer, text clips, code explorer, project manager...
  • Convert between code pages, Unicode formats and text formats
  • Unicode and ANSI code page detection
  • Open/Save UTF-8 encoded files without a signature (BOM)
  • Unicode file paths and file names
  • HTML validation, format and repair
  • Tools available like syntax editor, color picker, charmap...

RJ TextEd is released as FREEWARE. However, if you find the program useful I would appreciate a small donation.

What's New:

Online validation (HTML, CSS)

  • Added new online validators to the HTML menu.

Validators are: HTML5 Validator, W3C HTML Validator and W3C CSS Validator.

Programming ligatures

  • Programming ligatures should display properly now after some minor changes. Ligatures are used with fonts that supports them, like Fira Code or Cascadia Code.

New Options

  • Close editor if all open files are closed.
  • Allow one instance on each virtual desktop (Windows 10). This option only work if you close all open instances and restart the editor.


  • Rearranged a few menu items in the HTML menu.
  • Made changes to the line diff view in compare documents view.


  • Clipboard issue with very large clips.
  • SFTP download issue (and drag n drop).
  • Misc reported issues.