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RJ TextEd 14.20

RJ TextEd - A Unicode source and text editor.

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RJ TextEd is a full featured text and source editor with Unicode support. It is also a very powerful web (PHP, ASP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS) development editor. The functionality extends beyond text files and includes support for CSS/HTML editing with integrated CSS/HTML preview, spell checking, auto completion, HTML validation, templates and more. The program also has a dual pane file commander, as well as a (S)FTP client to upload your files. Below is a small list of features available. For a full list check out the features section.


  • Auto completion
  • Code folding
  • Column mode
  • Multi edit and multi select
  • Advanced sorting
  • Handles both ASCII and binary files
  • CSS and HTML wizards
  • CSS and HTML preview using internal IE, Firefox 4 and Chrome browsers
  • FTP and SFTP client with synchronization
  • File explorer, text clips, code explorer, project manager...
  • Convert between code pages, Unicode formats and text formats
  • Unicode and ANSI code page detection
  • Open/Save UTF-8 encoded files without a signature (BOM)
  • Unicode file paths and file names
  • HTML validation, format and repair
  • Tools available like syntax editor, color picker, charmap...

RJ TextEd is released as FREEWARE. However, if you find the program useful I would appreciate a small donation.

What's New:

New Chromium Component

  • Removed the old chrome preview component and replaced it with a brand new one. It's actively updated to use the latest Chromium library version and has some advantages compared to the old one.
  • All Chromium files are now stored in the "RJ TextEd\cef" folder.
  • The version included in this release is 64.0.3282.

Updated visual controls

  • Updated controls (check boxes, radio boxes, dropdown lists...) to the latest version.

Updated SFTP controls

  • This new version fix a few issues.

URL highlighting and follow link

  • Added an option to enable URL highlighting and to follow the link by Ctrl + Mouse click. The mouse cursor change to a pointing hand when hovering an URL.

(S)FTP Open (File - FTP - Open...)

  • This feature allows you to open remote file(s). A file open dialog is displayed allowing you to connect to a remote server, browse remote folders and select files to open.


  • Made several improvements to the FTP client. It should be able to detect a remote disconnect properly now and reconnect if necessary.

FTP panel drag n drop

  • You can now drag files to the editor panel to open the remote files.

Evaluate Expression

  • Added a new menu item to evaluate and replace an expression. I also renamed some menu items to make there function clearer.

Status bar character hint

  • The current character data hint (hover mouse over status bar line, col and character column) now contain a character position value. The value include line feeds.


  • Made some minor changes to improve color value identifying.

Import diff file

  • Replaced the Windows standard input dialog with a custom made. It's larger and can be resized to make reading and editing easier.


  • Several reported issues.
  • Script highlighting and folding.
  • Remote file transfer dialog theme color issues.
  • Highlight colors.
  • RegEx "find" issues.
  • RegEx "find all" issues.
  • Undo issues.
  • Dual document view startup issue.
  • Should startup properly on Linux (Wine, latest version).
  • Fixed some install and update issues.

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