Mageia (from Greek μαγεία (mageía) - magic, enchantment) is a free and open-source operating system from the GNU/Linux family of operating systems. Mageia is developed by a community of dedicated users, and backed by the non-profit organisation - a group of individuals elected by the Mageia Board. Whether you're a first-time GNU/Linux user, a software developer, an experienced system administrator or a casual web-surfer, Mageia is the right choice for you. Mageia can be installed on a computer as both the main operating system and an alternative to one or several other installed operating systems.

If you are interested in giving Mageia a try on your current computer without running any risk, please check out our Guide: Running Linux From a USB Drive As a Virtual Machine or Bootable Disk.

What's New

Smaller disk footprint

  • The size of the minimal install (when disabling the recommended packages) has been reduced. - It's the smallest since Mageia 4.

The RPM DB has switched to SQLite

  • The RPM database no longer uses the old and unmaintained Berkeley DB. It now uses the modern SQLite. Conversion is performed during upgrade from Mageia 8.

Complete release note cand be found here.