Do you often find yourself looking for a program in the long list of the Start menu?

We suggest you install Handy Start Menu. This small utility makes computing much easier - it's easier to find and launch programs.

Brings back the Start menu to Windows 8

You can bring back the Start menu button in Windows 8 OS with the free utility Handy Start Menu. After installing and launching the program under Windows 8, you will notice the Start menu has appeared on the taskbar in the Desktop application.

The button is handy to launch applications in the desktop mode. This is convenient because you don't have to switch to the home screen only for the sake of launching a program and switching back to the desktop. Now all actions are performed from the same place.

Applications are sorted by groups automatically based on the built-in application type database of Handy Start Menu. The current version of Handy Start Menu implements two functions for now - running desktop applications and automatic sorting. New versions will gradually extend the functionality of the program by including other capabilities of Windows 7's Start menu.

Clean Desktop

You will no longer have to create piles of shortcuts on your desktop to run applications. Access to all programs from the Start menu becomes so easy and convenient that you will need the desktop only for beautiful wallpapers.

Quick Start

Use Handy Start Menu to start applications much more quickly. Just click on a folder with the name of an application, and Handy Start Menu will do the rest.

Short Lists

The days of massive lists in your Start menu are gone. Now you can have short and handy lists of programs. Thanks to Handy Start Menu, you can automatically group and reduce useless items. Your standard Start menu will become shorter and simpler.