PicEdit 4.0

Professional image editing capabilities, supports a variety of graphic styles and effects processing.

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4.8 11 votes

PicEdit is a powerful, easy to operate, user-friendly image editing software, supports a variety of graphic styles (such as arrows, rectangles, polygons, pencil, text, layers, etc.) and a variety of effects processing (such as highlighting, mosaic, colorize, bokeh, blur, increase light, soften, denoising, monochorme, stylized, etc.), while supporting the selection, frames, cliparts, watermark, crop, fill, rotate, and so on.

Note: This program has been discontinued. There are no download links.

PicEdit saves both vector and bitmap data, with excellent repeat editing capabilities, and automatically preserves the original image, you can always restore.


  • Simultaneous vector and bitmap editing process, the perfect fusion of the two functions.
  • Supports a variety of graphic styles, basic processing, effects processing.
  • Professional selection features, including a variety of selection tools.
  • Supports transparent canvas, and transparent PNG format storage.
  • Can drag and drop to change the canvas size.
  • Save all kinds of graphic elements entirely, can be repeated editing.
  • The original image is automatically reserves, you can always revert back.
  • Easy to operate, user-friendly interface, to support a variety of beautiful skin.
  • Clean software, do not write to system registry and directory.

What's New:

  • Add "objects and text gradient" function.
  • Add four kinds of "Band" frames.
  • Add four kinds of "Stylize" effects: Old, Fade, Torn, Bevel.
  • Improved the Blur effects.

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