All-round protection

Viruses and spyware are evolving faster than ever. New types of spam appear every day. Hackers are always searching for new machines to attack and control. With the number and type of threat constantly increasing, an antivirus solution alone is not enough. You need to protect your computer against all threats. Kaspersky Personal Security Suite is a program package specially developed to protect personal computers running Windows against the whole range of cyber threats.

  • Full-scale defense against viruses, hackers and spam
  • Protection against spyware
  • Exceptional detection rates
  • Rapid response to new threats
  • Easy installation
  • Free support - 24/7

Protection against viruses and spyware

The Kaspersky Anti-Virus component provides reliable protection for your system against malware, adware and spyware. Antivirus protection is easy to install, configure and use. The component monitors all incoming and outgoing email messages and mail client databases, ensuring multi-tiered defense for your correspondence. Proprietary scanning technology detects viruses in over 900 compressed and archive file formats, and disinfection in ZIP, ARJ, CAB and RAR format files.

Extended databases protect against adware and spyware – the latest threats that endanger your computer. Kaspersky Personal Security Suite makes it possible for you to surf the Internet with confidence, secure in the knowledge that your computer is secured against malware of all types.

Protection against hackers

Kaspersky Personal Security Suite shields your confidential data from hackers. The user-friendly program is easy to configure, and blocks unauthorized attempts to penetrate your system, preventing any data leaks. The solution monitors application activity and analyzes all data packets received or transmitted by your computer. This erects a solid defense against hacker probes and regulates applications attempting to connect to the Internet. It also prevents unsanctioned data transmission to third parties. Moreover, your computer can be run in stealth mode, allowing you to surf the Internet without being detected by hackers.

Protection against spam

The antispam program provides comprehensive protection against spam. Cutting-edge linguistic analysis tools are used to monitor incoming mail for spam. You have the option to create your own black lists, ensuring that you will never lose a legitimate message, but that your inbox will remain free of spam.

Frequent updates

Kaspersky Lab reacts rapidly to new viruses, malicious software and types of spam. The company releases antivirus database updates every hour, and the spam signature database is updated as often as three times an hour. You can download updates directly to your computer via the Internet. These frequent updates secure your computer against even the newest malicious programs and spam.

24-hour technical support

Kaspersky Lab technical support operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Personnel are always at hand to answer any questions about installation, configuration or use of Kaspersky Personal Security Suite.