Image editor, like PaintBrush or Paint.Net, written in Lazarus (Free Pascal). Includes BGRABitmap, a set of drawing routines.


  • Files: read and write a variety of file formats, including layered bitmaps and 3D files.
  • Tools: many tools are available to draw on the layers.
  • Edit/Select: select parts of an image with antialiasing and modify the selection as a mask.
  • View: color window, layer stack window and toolbox window.
  • Command line: call LazPaint from a console.

Useful keys

  • Maintaining Space key down switches temporarily in move mode
  • F6 key hides/shows all tool windows
  • Ctrl key aligns to image pixels and limits possible angles with rotation tool
  • Backspace key erases last point in a polygon or last letter in a text
  • Enter key releases the selection Right mouse button can be used to:
  • Swap drawing colors temporarily
  • Subtract from selection (selection tool)
  • Define light position (shaded text, shaded shapes)
  • Finish a shape (polygon, curve)


Many common actions can be done with the toolbar. Zoom can be changed with the magnifying glass (+ or -), or by clicking on the 1:1 button to show the image at its original size in pixels, or with the zoom fit button to set the zoom so that the whole image be within the window. It is possible to undo/redo the 200 last operations. If you have a doubt on what you are drawing, undo back to the beginning, save a copy, and redo the modifications before going further.

Image manipulation

An image can be resampled, flipped horizontally and vertically. Smart zoom x3 : resize the image x3 and detects borders; this provides a useful zoom with ancient games sprites.

What's New

  • Completed Czech translation
  • Compilation fixes for Debian and legacy LCL
  • Linux shortcut: specify file parameter

Changes in 7.2.1:

  • Adapt quick save shortcut on MacOS
  • Translations : German, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish
  • Added "-screenshot" command line
  • libavif dll
  • Multi click on text (#266)
  • Fix in Python scripting (
  • Added "-editor" parameter

Changes in 7.2:

  • MacOS: handle right-click on layerstack
  • MacOS: fixed light theme interface
  • MacOS: avoid key binding conflict with CMD-H
  • Interface: handle cancel language or icon size change
  • Interface: restore main form after embedded editor
  • Interface: restore selection tool after delete
  • Interface: fix shift-arrows in file list
  • Interface: handle right click on switch color button
  • Interface: remember docked toolbox visibility
  • Interface: center on zoom fit
  • Interface: less margin to select outside of color circle
  • Interface: tooltip on arrow start/end
  • Interface: show hotkey in toolbar
  • Interface: update workspace when resizing/rotating
  • Interface: handle keys in embedded editors
  • Interface: prevent ALT key from opening menu
  • Interface: handle ALT-wheel only when applicable
  • Interface: keep fill options visible when changing opacity
  • Layer stack: tooltip for visible and opacity controls
  • blend mode: removed horizontal scrollbar in blend mode lists
  • Language: tool shortcuts for Cyrillic keyboard
  • Language: translation of color description
  • Language: completed Russian translation
  • File: prevent saving incorrect filename
  • File: handle path in file textbox
  • File: generate new filename with number
  • File: added quick save action (Ctlr-Q shortcut)
  • File: overwrite prompt when saving palette
  • File: experimental support for AVIF format
  • File: show save prompt when drag'n'drop image to the program
  • File: save CUR and ICO with command line
  • SVG: close path when export as SVG
  • SVG: fixed RTL text export
  • New file: better handling of ratios
  • Motion blur: fixed sticky mouse click
  • Canvas size: restrict percent to max accepted size
  • Tools: update shape when pressing/releasing SHIFT key
  • Tools: ignore 0 alpha with solid colors
  • Tools: improved hints timing
  • Tools: disambiguation of shortcut keys (Y, K, F and R)
  • Deformation grid tool: handle extreme deformation
  • Deformation grid tool: ESCAPE to exit tool
  • Layer perspective tool: change cursor when hovering points
  • Layer tools: delete current layer with DELETE key
  • Rectangle tool: fixed bug when changing join type
  • Text tool: update when change antialiasing
  • Text tool: provide text style, bidi mode, vertical alignment in toolbar
  • Text tool: allow travel mode with space
  • Text tool: display flipped text
  • Vector tools: avoid error after rasterizing
  • Polygon/closed curve tools: hide center point when ALT key pressed
  • Polyline/opened curve tool: don't reopen shape
  • Poly tools: added RIGHT-click hint
  • Selection tools: deselect when ESCAPE pressed and selection layer empty
  • Selection tools: keep selection mode after undo/redo
  • Rectangle selection tool: include ratio of current image
  • Selection pen: show circular cursor
  • Filter: added negative angle for twirl
  • Script: ignore some Python errors