• antialiasing
  • multiple undo
  • alpha blending
  • BGRABitmap
  • selection of any shape
  • rotation
  • filters
  • update checker

What's New:

  • Added "brush tool": you can specify the shape of the brush, load it from a file
  • Added "clone tool": right click to set source location, and left click to duplicate
  • Added palette toolbar: load/save palettes in various formats, posterize or dither image
  • In color window: add color to the palette, preview of current color
  • Less toolbars by default: right-click on top-left toolbar to add/remove toolbars
  • Toolbox is docking inside the main window (left or right side)
  • Save file as PNG/JPG/BMP: choose color depth and preview image & file size
  • Added "rain" rendering (menu Render)
  • Loading 3d models with texture and vertex normals
  • Effects are applied only on the selected area instead of the bounding rectangle