Beauty, Speed, Reliability

TweetCaster has a gorgeous look with an intuitive interface that makes it super easy to navigate and use. Plus it's lightning fast, and ultra reliable.

Amazing Features

Optimized for both phones and tablets, TweetCaster's innovative feature set has been highly praised by users and reviewers.

TweetCaster Exclusives:

  • Search Party - How Twitter search was meant to be! Lets you search just your own timeline, or someone else's, rather than all of Twitter.
  • My Stats - Up-to-the-minute tally of stats includes Most Retweeted, Most Mentioned, Most Favorited, many more
  • Zip It - Zip annoying tweeters or keywords from your timeline without unfollowing
  • SmartLists - Hands down, the simplest and best way to use Twitter Lists
  • Photo Effects - Add cool filters, effects and captions to photos, as you upload them
  • Speak Tweets - Tap microphone on New Tweet screen to speak instead of typing
  • Enhanced Widget - Updated widget is scrollable and resizeable (Android 3.0+)!
  • Smart Filters - Filter your timeline to look only at tweets with photos, links or videos

More Features:

  • Facebook - Simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook
  • Multiple Twitter Accounts - Manage and easily post to multiple Twitter accounts
  • Schedule Tweets - Compose a tweet and send later, using Buffer
  • TweetMarker - Use to keep your place in the timeline across multiple devices
  • Read Later - Save links to read/view later using Pocket or Instapaper
  • Readability - View links in Readability mode for a mobile-optimized view
  • Themes - Twelve vibrant, colorful themes
  • Color Code Tweets - Choose a custom color for your Tweets and mentions
  • Multiple widgets - Bring TweetCaster to your home screen with customizable widgets
  • Long Tweets - Use Twitlonger service to tweet over 140 characters
  • Who to Follow - Suggests people to follow

What's New:

  • Android Lollipop UI updates
  • Twitter animated GIF and video support
  • Tweets widget now includes image previews
  • Bug fixes & improvements