Comfortable high-speed browsing

Built on independently developed technology, Lunascape6 is faster than other browsers that use the Gecko engine, in terms of both startup speed and javascript execution. We have moreover tuned it so as to ensure a shorter startup time than other browsers even with many Gecko add-ons installed.

Engine auto-switch

Are you dividing your internet activity between Firefox for normal browsing and Internet Explorer for bank sites? In Lunascape you can specify which engine any given page should open with. Registering your favorite site in the Engine Auto-Switch ensures that the site will always open with the specified rendering engine.

Gecko add-on support

Lunascape comes with "triple add-on support"; that is, it supports add-ons of Internet Explorer and Gecko (Firefox), plus add-ons made specifically for Lunascape, all in a single browser. In particular, Lunascape supports several thousand Gecko add-ons, which are easy and fun to use especially when they are of the type that appears in the Lunascape sidebar. In such cases just undock ("float") the add-on from the sidebar to use it in a separate window, like a desktop gadget.

Versatile tab menu

Lunascape displays web pages in tabs, each of which comes equipped with a comprehensive menu available by right-clicking on the tab title. Via this menu you have instant access to all the operations applicable to the associated tab, such as switching the rendering engine and capturing the page. It also provides the option of closing all tabs with a single click, a feature you will appreciate when you have dozens of tabs open simultaneously.

Display your tabs in multiple rows

Do you find it difficult to tell which tab is which, as the tabs get smaller when opening many of them? This problem is solved in Lunascape, with the multi-row tab bar which displays your tabs on as many rows as required, while retaining the width of individual tabs. If you prefer you can of course specify that all tabs be kept in a single row. Customizability is one of Lunascape's most competitive characteristics!

Switching is simple

Switching to Lunascape6 from other browsers is quick and easy with the user settings import function. Import your bookmarks and other settings directly from any of the major browsers including Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Customize your toolbar

Lunascape is customizable to a very high degree. For instance, the toolbar contents on your browser frame are by no means fixed - you can easily add buttons or menu items for functions that you use frequently, in the position of your choice in both the menu bar and in toolbars.

Synchronize your bookmarks

You can sync your Lunascape bookmarks with iLunascape as well as Firefox via our FirefoxSync compatible feature Online Bookmarks. This allows you to use your Lunascape bookmarks directly in iLunascape and Firefox, without having to create them all over again in each browser, so that surfing on the move becomes just a natural extension of surfing at home. (Note that iLunascape currently can load online bookmarks but not share locally added bookmarks.)

High-end search engines

When looking up books, do you tend to always start with the Amazon site? Lunascape provides a default set of search engines including Amazon, saving you the trouble of looking up the most popular search sites by hand. If your favorite search engine is not already included you can simply add it to the search button, so that the search bar will use that engine for all your searches by default.


Have you noticed the scrolling text of news items in the upper right corner of the page? This is the ticker, which displays headlines from major news sites, automatically cycling through a predefined list of sources. Naturally this list, as well as ticker settings such as the interval between headlines, are 100% customizable!

Block unwanted URLs

Do you want to avoid that your children see a particular page? Lunascape makes this easy by letting you specify which URLs should be blocked. Any blocked URLs will be prevented from opening in your browser.

Triple Engine

With Lunascape, the three most popular rendering engines (Trident, Gecko, WebKit) have been integrated in a single browser. By clicking the smart engine-switch button next to the address bar, it is very simple to switch rendering engine for any page, until you find the engine most suitable for displaying the page contents. Sites designed exclusively for Trident (e.g., bank sites) can be registered in the Auto-Engine-Switch list, so that even if the default engine is Gecko, opening the Trident page automatically switches the rendering engine for that tab to Trident.

Keep your favorite browser settings

The triple engine browser Lunascape is the most customizable one on the market, and it is a simple matter to adjust it so as to behave in the way you are used to from your previous browser. To control the behavior of your favorite rendering engine, go to the engine settings screen via the "Engine options..." button in Lunascape Settings.

Quick search with Highlighted Search

Since Lunascape 6.2, looking up a word or sentence on the internet is a lightning fast operation with the Highlighted Search feature. Simply highlight a phrase on the page with the mouse and select an item in the popup menu. The default search options available in this menu include everything from translation to news, but you are free to add any additional items you like. Tab Lock and Shift Lock

With the Shift Lock + Tab Lock option in the tab context menu you can "fix" any tab with a pin like in Firefox, to prevent it from closing.

Cascade view

Cascade view lets you display the contents of all tabs side by side in the same window. Select one rendering engine each for three tabs and see immediately how the layout of a page differs between engines.

Full screen and Large screen modes

Press F11 to enter full screen mode. This will display tabs and web pages only, hiding the menu bar, sidebar and toolbars. F12 activates Large screen mode, which auto-hides the toolbars. Hovering with the mouse pointer over the top part of the window frame makes the toolbars visible again.

Automatic backups

Did you lose some important bookmarks or delete them by mistake? Don't worry, Lunascape automatically backs up your settings for you, including bookmarks, history, plugins etc. To recover lost settings, go to "Restore Profile" under User Profile in the File menu.

Customize mouse actions

Make the mouse behave the way you are used to, or add new convenient operations to it. In Lunascape Settings you can assign any of up to 200 commands to mouse gestures such as double-click, wheel-click, left+right-click, etc.

Luna ID coordination

Register a personal Luna ID to enjoy social bookmark services like Gaia. Just fill in your details along with an ID and password of your choice to start using your Luna ID account.

Mouse gestures

Lunascape comes with complete support for mouse gestures. For instance, making a leftward motion with the mouse while holding down the right mouse button returns you to the previously viewed page, equivalent to clicking the Back button on the browser. From the extensive library of mouse oeprations in Lunascape Settings you can construct your own mouse gestures by assigning commands to new or existing combinations. If you assign commands that you use frequently, it will speed up your browsing by letting you execute commands by a simple sweep of the mouse.


Lunascape users have created a large repository of skins available to install and use for free by anyone. Select your favorite design from our Skin Center!

Delete your personal data when exiting Lunascape

To protect your privacy on, e.g., a shared system, you can choose to always delete all your personal data every time you exit Lunascape. Simply select the corresponding check box in Lunascape Settings to auto-delete your history of address bar entries and search bar entries, as well as your Internet Explorer history.

Switch user agent

Lunascape allows you to switch user agent to change the appearance of pages so as to appear the same as in other browsers. Using this feature you can view, for instance, sites designed for mobile phones. Just select an item from the user agent list, or enter your favorite user agent in the input box.

What's New:


  • Handled the problem of freezing on some sites if you were using Trident
  • Upgraded Gecko to version ver24.7(ESR).
  • Upgraded the compiler version from VC10 to VC12.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug that caused part of [[[Gecko]]]'s screen size not to be shown in multi-display environments.
  • Fixed a bug that caused part of the favorites list to be hidden even if you scrolled down.
  • Fixed a bug that caused unnecessary files to be left behind when uninstalling.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a proper upgrade when a portable install was performed on Windows 8.1.