Moreover SyMenu can automatically link any application residing on host pc.

Any linked item (SyItem) can be organized in a hierarchical structure with colorful folders and found with the internal search tool.

You can customize SyMenu in a simple and quick way adding links to portable programs, documents, Windows commands, folders and urls. It's easy to add new SyItem dragging & dropping file from host pc or using the mass importer tool. Linked items can reside on the same USB device or even on host pc ever since SyMenu supports absolute path (such as C:\Windows\Explorer.exe).

These are SyMenu best functionalities:

  • Start Search bar: (Windows Vista like) allows to quickly search amongst any SyItem configured on menu;
  • Windows Start Menu wrapper: SyMenu exposes through Start Search bar every program linked in host PC Windows Start menu too;
  • Extension Manager: allows to temporarly replace normal Windows extension associations with SyMenu custom extension association;
  • Autoexec: allows to launch a custom list of SyItems at SyMenu startup or closing.
  • Execution modes: Run, RunAs, Open folder and Show Properties.
  • Batch Import: allows to make massive imports of new SyItems.

What's New:

  • All the libraries are removed from the program root and grouped under the lib folder
  • Added the new security protocol Tls 1.3
  • The custom themes can now be extended to draw the forms too (beta)
  • The new "Web page" entry for the extended menu allows to open the web site for the selected item whether the item is supplied with a valid URL
  • Custom path on command line for Log folder (-fl)