is a free messaging app that provides a fast, light and beautiful way of chatting with all your friends. Available for your Mobile, Desktop and the Web.


  • Unlimited free messaging with friends on
  • Send free SMS to phonebook contacts (currently available for US, Canada and India)
  • Chat via Mobile, Desktop or the Web
  • Share images and photos seamlessly
  • Lightning fast chat across all your networks
  • Read and delivery receipts for all messages
  • Access your history from anywhere
  • Synced across all your devices - mobile, desktop and the browser
  • Clean, gorgeous UI

SMS Features

  • Send text messages to your Phonebook contacts (currently available for US, Canada and India)
  • Receive replies in your chat window, as part of the same conversation

Image Sharing

  • Share photos with your friends seamlessly

Read and Delivery Confirmations

  • Get confirmation when your friends receive or read your messages, if they have

Unlimited History

  • Access your chat history from any device, at any time

Available across Mobile, Desktop and Web

  • Available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows PC, Mac and Linux