System Cleanup 1.7

Find and remove temporary, cache, history and backup files on all your local drives.

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Find and remove temporary, cache, history and backup files on all your local drives. System Cleanup can protect recent used files. Folders can be manually added to an exclude list to protect files and improve disc reading speed. Different colors give cleanup action information (Green: no files found to cleanup; Red: one or more files found to cleanup; Blue: registry cleanup or system function). Each action has an information window with additional cleanup info e.g. founded files for cleanup. The visible cleanup actions depend on installed applications. Available cleanup actions:

  • Clear Delphi history
  • Clear Dreamweaver history
  • Clear Internet Explorer history
  • Clear Internet Explorer cache
  • Clear Internet Explorer cookies
  • Clear Mozilla Firefox history
  • Clear Mozilla Firefox cache
  • Clear Mozilla Firefox cookies
  • Clear Nero Burning Rom history
  • Clear Office recently used files lists
  • Clear RealOne Player history
  • Clear recently used network shares list
  • Clear Run, Paint and WordPad recently used files lists
  • Clear Windows Media Player history
  • Clear Windows recently used files list
  • Clear WinRar history
  • Clear WinZip history
  • Delete auto created help-related files (*.gid, *.fts, *.ftg)
  • Delete backup files (.~, *.bak, *.old, *.000)
  • Delete Delphi desktop files (*.dsk)
  • Delete Oracle client log files (sqlnet.log)
  • Delete Scandisk log files
  • Delete Scandisk saved lost clusters
  • Delete temporary files (*.tmp, *.$$$, *.~mp)
  • Delete temporary Word files
  • Delete thumbnails cache files (Thumbs.db)
  • Delete Windows debug memory dump files
  • Delete Windows log files
  • Delete Windows Update temporary files
  • Delete Windows Update uninstall information
  • Empty Java runtime cache
  • Empty Outlook "Deleted Items" folder
  • Empty prefetch applications cache
  • Empty user temporary directory
  • Empty Windows event logs
  • Empty Windows recycle bin
  • Empty Windows temporary directory
  • Execute Windows disk cleanup

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