ABC is an improved client for the Bittorrent peer-to-peer file distribution solution. ABC is based on BitTornado 0.3.10 which extended from from Original Bittorrent Core System , coded by Bram Cohen.


* Multiple downloads in a single window
* Queueing system with priority
* Ability to customize the information ABC displays
* Supporing pause, stop, resume, queue, remove operations
* Minimize to taskbar (and/or system tray)
* Displaying torrent details and advanced details
* Supporting global setting such as upload and download limiting
* Supporting local setting for each torrent as well
* Supporting advanced settings from BitTornado
* Supporting BitTornado's super-seed mode
* Choosable upload options when download is done [unlimited, timer, sharesize]
* Torrent won't be blocked in queue, ABC will reduce torrent's priority and force it to queue which user can set timer for these conditions
o if torrent can't connect tracker
o if torrent can't get any byte from other peers
o if seeding torrent has no one download
* Choosable number of simutaneous download
* Choosable between download to the specific folder or always ask for the folder
* Supporting manual adding torrent from both file and url
* Supporting automatic adding torrent from url (when you click on .torrent file)
* Including make torrent file program
* Displaying number of real peer, seed on tracker (for tracker that supports scrape data)
* Supporing add, delete, queue, pause, stop, resume and query current torrent status via Web Interface

What's New:

* Single port core
* Several improvements to reduce cpu usage, display flicker, and otherwise cut down on undesirable behavior
* Some instances of 100% CPU usage bug may be fixed
* Should be able to run as a non-admin user
* Toolbars and context menu can now be customized
* Torrent list colors now customizable
* Advanced Details window
* Now customizable
* Separated "File Info" into "File Info" and "Torrent Info"
* Added more information to "Torrent Info"
* Torrent Maker
* Added support for more fields
* No longer scraping trackers that don't support scraping
* Updated to Python 2.4.2
* Updated to wxPython 2.6.1
* Updated to py2exe 0.6.2