PDF Explorer is a PDF and CHM file management software. It allows the effortless indexation of our PDF and CHM documents in a database using several metadata fields, such as:

  • The system file specific fields: filename, file size and file date.
  • The standard metadata fields: title, subject, author, creator, producer, creation date, modification date and number of pages.
  • And as much as 100 custom fields to enter custom metadata.

With PDF Explorer we can easily index our entire collection of documents, spread by several disks, network places and also within ZIP, RAR, 7Zip and ACE compressed archives.

We can then search for the files using boolean expressions and full text search, view them, extract images, extract text, apply batch functions, and more.

PDF Explorer can also read out loud the documents text so we can relax our eyes, or create wav or mp3 audio files we can listen later.

PDF Explorer also includes a Web Server, providing remote access to some of the program functionalities using a simple web browser. We can leave the server running at home and access to our PDFs collection from work office, or vice versa. We can also construct, with this functionality, a server-client schema at our office LAN.


  • Index PDF and CHM documents, metadata and pages text content, on local folders, network places, and even inside .zip, .rar, .7z and .ace compressed archives.
  • Add and edit metadata fields, including custom fields defined in the XMP object.
  • Edit the metadata fields with the help edit assistants, such as the Quick Image OCR that helps in the extraction of metadata from scanned pages only documents.
  • Boolean and full text search.
  • Image objects viewer, editor and extractor.
  • Text viewer and extractor.
  • Batch tools to rename, extract images, edit metadata, print, the multifunctional Search&Extract tool, and more.
  • The My Scripts tool, used to extend the functionality with custom developed Windows Automation enabled scripts, compatible with the Windows Scrip Hosting, using the built-in and very complete editor and debugger, with access to the richness set of the PDFE functionality.
  • Text to speech read out loud functionality, SAPI4/5 voices compliant, with possibility to speak text to file, in wav or mp3 format.
  • ISBN and DOI numbers catcher/sniffer and resolver.
  • Hot folders, with the task automation tool.
  • Auto index files, with a background folders indexer monitor.
  • Web interface, provided by an embedded HTTP server.
  • Rotate pages tool, with deskew functionality.
  • Delete pages tool.
  • Anonymize tool, to remove all traces of metadata info.
  • Split/extract and merge/rearrange PDF pages tools.
  • Stamp/watermark PDF pages with text, images, flash animations, audio, video and geometric shapes.
  • Add, edit and reset PDFs password security.
  • Set PDF open options tool.
  • Easily get ride of PDF file duplicates with the find duplicates tool.
  • Add signature tool, to digitally sign PDF documents.
  • Document JavaScripts tool. To add, delete and edit PDF JavaScript actions.
  • Attachments tool, to add, remove and open PDF file attachments, and other PDF embedded files.
  • Powerful PDF packages tool, to create and edit PDF packages and portfolios.
  • Import and export metadata fields.
  • Grid layout editor, to easily mask our files metadata.
  • Database maintenance and backup features.
  • Multilingual interface and user's guide.

What's New:

  • Expression composer, identical to the used in the batch rename tool, added to the edit info fields batch tool. With it it is possible to better use the built-in text manipulation functions and, more importantly, preview how the new metadata will look like for each of the files.
  • Fix critical bugs in the task automation folders tool, and web interface tool.
  • Fix several tools problems that where happening with multi–byte character set languages, like Chinese, Japanese etc.