TweakWindow is a handy window enhancement utility with a wealth of options. You can set your own transparency options, hide, minimize, roll up, place window on top of all others, ghost it or even change window's icon/title.

TweakWindow is an easy-to-use and effective utility on the must have list. TweakWindow can help people of various professions in their daily routine and everyone can find a way to use this program on his or her computer both in office and at home. Read about the main advantages TweakWindow will provide you with, download it and in a few days you will not be able to do without it!

If the program lacks some features you need or if you know how we can improve our software, please contact us and you can get registered for free.

TweakWindow supports the following operating systems:

* Windows 2000
* Windows XP
* Windows 2003

As you know, Microsoft's operating system is called Windows because its users work in windows of various programs. But sometimes you need more features for comfortable work than Microsoft implemented. Most users experience similar difficulties:

- Unlike a real window, you cannot look through a window; (Our solution: Make window transparent.)

- Some software must be running, but even though the user does not work with it, those programs occupy space on the taskbar; (Our solution: Minimize window into the system tray. For example - Hide Microsoft Outlook Express into an icon in the system tray)

- If you switch to another window, it may prevent you from seeing the previous window with useful information; (Our solution: Make window always on top.)

- Sometimes you need to have one window above another, but work with the one that below; (Our solution: Instead of the "Window always on top" feature, make it Ghost.)

- You cannot hide a window so that nobody can see it while you are away; (Our solution: Hide the window of any program .)

- You cannot change the title and the icon of your favorite program so that someone coming up to you cannot see what programs are running on your taskbar; (Our solution: Change the title and the icon of any window.)

- You cannot quickly minimize or hide a window without either moving your mouse or using your keyboard; (Our solution: If you use the mouse - Minimize or hide a window with a mouse click without moving your mouse. OR, if you use the keyboard - minimize or hide a window using hotkeys on your keyboard.)

- To move a window, you have to move the pointer to its title bar; (Our solution: Move any window using ANY part of it.)

- The system feature "Move pointer to the default button in dialog boxes" does not work in many applications; (Our solution: Instead of the system feature use our feature "Move pointer to the default button.")

- And much more.

TweakWindow will help you solve all these problems, make your work more quick and comfortable and protect your privacy.

Main features:

Window enhancement:

- Transparent window. Through a transparent window, you can see the contents of the window that is below the one you are currently working with. With the "Transparent window" feature, you will save a lot of time you would otherwise spend on switching between windows. More info...

- Window always on top. You can make a window stay always on top and this window will be displayed above all other windows, when you are working with them. This will allow you to see the results in the work of a program even if you are currently working with another application that occupies the entire screen. If you want it, the window can be made transparent whenever you make it topmost. More info...

- Rollup window. Do you want to see a window on the screen so that it occupies as little space as possible? Use the Rollup window feature for minimizing the size of the window to the size of its title bar. More info...

- Ghost window . If you want to see the window on top, but it is large in size and you have to work with a window below it - make it a Ghost! A Ghost window stays on top of other windows, can be transparent and let mouse clicks THROUGH to a window below! More info...

- Minimizing a window into the system tray . A lot of programs (such as Microsoft Outlook Express, Windows Media Player and others) have no built-in feature for minimizing into the tray. These programs must be running all the time while you are working with the computer, but you use them only occasionally. Other programs may be used only infrequently, etc. All those programs occupy space on the taskbar and make it difficult to navigate between windows. More info... For example - Minimize Microsoft Outlook Express into an icon in the system tray.

Privacy protection:

- Hide window. Are you afraid to start some programs because someone may see you using them? Do you close programs and documents when you leave the computer because someone may see your confidential information or steal your ideas? Now you don't have to close all windows, when you leave the room - just hide them. Now you don't have to close a game or your browser when someone comes up to you - just hide them. More info...

- Chameleon feature. Do you avoid using the Autohide feature of the taskbar and all active programs are visible on your taskbar (that is, their icons and titles)? Do your colleagues look over your shoulder and tell your boss every time they see you surfing the Internet or playing games? Does your network administrator use some spyware to detect if there is any forbidden software running? With TweakWindow, you can change the title and the icon of any window. More info...

- Quickly minimizing into the tray / hiding a window without using the keyboard or moving the mouse . Do you need to quickly hide the window when somebody is coming up to your display? TweakWindow helps you solve these problems. More info...

MS Windows system enhancement:

- Moving a window by clicking and holding not its title bar, but any place on the window. Do you need to move a window when the pointer is far from its title bar? Do you have to get the pointer back to its previous position after you move a window? Are you disappointed at the fact that Microsoft has not implemented such a feature? Your problems are solved with TweakWindow! More info...

- Enhancing the "Move pointer to the default button in dialog boxes" system feature. Do you make use the useful "Move pointer to the default button in dialog boxes" system feature, but find it does not work in many of your applications? You do not know how to solve this problem, do you? We do! Use TweakWindow. More info...


- The invisible mode for protecting your privacy; restoring all windows that are hidden and minimized into the tray with one click; selecting TweakWindow buttons displayed on the title bars of windows; moving the title bar buttons for compatibility with other applications; integration with the system menus of windows and other features. More info...