PartitionGuru Free 4.9.5

PartitionGuru offers an all-in-one solution for data recovery, partition management and Windows backup, which enables you to recover lost files and partitions, resize partitions, backup partition, edit sectors, etc.


Quick Facts

45.9 MB
4.6 30 votes

PartitionGuru Free PartitionGuru Free is a limited version of PartitionGuru, it is free for non-commercial use.

Although PartitionGuru Free is a limited version, it's still an excellent program and powerful enough for general use.


  • Data Recovery
  • Partition Management
  • Disk Utilities
  • Create New Partition
  • Delete Partition
  • Hide Partition
  • Mark Active Partition
  • Format Partition
  • Edit Detail Partition Parameters
  • Resize Partition
  • Split Partition
  • Primary - Logical Conversion
  • Delete All Partitions
  • Quick Partition (One Step Partition and Format)
  • Create Integral Sized Partition
  • Partition Table Backup and Restore
  • Check Partition Table Errors
  • Drive Letter Assignment
  • Set Volume Label
  • Rebuild MBR (Master Boot Record)
  • Erase Sectors
  • Clear Reserved Sectors
  • Verify and Repair Bad Tracks
  • Build USB Bootable Disk
  • Clone Disk By Files
  • Clone Partition By Files
  • Backup Partition to Image File By Files
  • Restore Partition From Image File
  • File Operation On Hidden Partition
  • Copy Files
  • Delete Files
  • Permanently Delete Files
  • Create Folder
  • Rename Files
  • Lost Partition Recovery (Local Disk)
  • File Recovery (Local Disk)
  • Support VMware Virtual Disk File (".vmdk" File) Read Only
  • Support Virtual PC Disk File (".vhd" File) Read Only
  • Support VirtualBox Disk File (".vdi" File) Read Only
  • Support Partition Image File (".img" File) Read Only
  • Display Cluster Allocation Diagram Drive C: Only
  • Support LVM2 (Single Disk) Read Only