Initially, the program was created as a companion to Far Manager (FAR in Wikipedia), my favorite shell replacement - file and archive management, command history and completion, powerful editor.

Today, ConEmu can be used with any other console application or simple GUI tools (like PuTTY for example).


  • smooth and friendly window resizing
  • tabs for editors, viewers, panels and consoles
  • run simple GUI apps in tabs
  • Windows 7 Jump Lists and Progress on Taskbar buttons
  • easily run old DOS applications (games) in Windows 7 or 64-bit OS
  • thumbnails and tiles in Far Manager
  • normal, maximized and full screen graphical window modes
  • window font anti-aliasing: standard, ClearType, disabled
  • window fonts: family, height, width, bold, italic, etc.
  • using normal/bold/italic fonts for different parts of the console simultaneously
  • Chinese verions of Windows supported
  • using 24-bit colors in Far Manager 3.x
  • ANSI X3.64 and Xterm 256 colors
  • cursor: standard console (horizontal) or GUI (vertical)
  • optional per-application settings (e.g. palette)
  • vertical console buffer scrolling using the keyboard (BufferHeight mode)
  • show full output (1K+ lines) of last command in Far Manager's editor/viewer
  • customizable Far Manager right click behaviour (long click opens context menu)
  • drag and drop (explorer style) of files and folders in Far Manager
  • limited support of BDF fonts
  • user friendly text and block selection
  • transparency and desktop mode
  • customizable starting tabs
  • configurable and clickable status bar
  • and more, and more... take a look at the Settings dialog, What's New page and Settings.reg


ConEmu is not a shell, so it does not provide "shell features" like tab-completion, command history and others. ConEmu is advanced console window where you can run any shell of your choice.

What's New:

  • conemu#2323: Fix ‘busy’ cursor in Far Manager 3.0 build 5817+.
  • conemu#2323: Edit box for Far hourglass timeout (ms).
  • conemu#2324: Path containing %DOCKER_TOOLBOX_INSTALL_PATH% have to be quoted (by trolzen).
  • conemu#2261: Far executor fix.
  • l10n: translations were updated