If you want the fastest-starting, quickest page-loading, and most visually uncluttered web browser in the world, you’ve come to the right place.

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Maxthon’s MxNitro Web Browser is the newest addition to Maxthon’s family of high-performance web browsers.

If you are one of the millions of web surfers who don’t want to mess with complicated features like ad blockers, extensions and cloud services, this is the web browser for you.

Maxthon’s MxNitro web browser was built from the ground up to maximize start-up time, page rendering speed, and stability with impressive results.


  • Installs and starts 3x faster than the fastest Windows PC browser -- Chrome v.37
  • Loads web pages 30% faster than Chrome v.37
  • Noticeably speeds up web browsing on any Windows PC made before 2014
  • Has a clutter-free, intuitive look and feel designed expressly to make new users feel comfortable on first use

You Spoke, We Listened

In longitudinal surveys of web browser users from around the world, when asked what their #1 criteria was for selecting a web browser, 81% cited speed as their biggest need. We agree. MxNitro is stripped-down and souped-up to be one thing: the fastest web browser that exists. MxNitro Web Browser makes the web faster on every computer, old or new.

How We Did It

The MxNitro team focused on 4 major areas to gain speed:

  • Removing largely unused, resource-hogging features like extensions, ad blockers, and cloud services.
  • Algorithmic, predictive pre-fetching of websites based on browser and search history, and usage patterns across minutes, hours, and days of the week.
  • Predictive pre-creation of connections to websites and pages.
  • Stripping down the ‘design load’ through a simple, lightweight user interface.

Simplicity at its Finest

To find speed gains at every level, we stripped out all unnecessary features that cause delays in browser start-up time. Additionally, we drastically reduced the ‘UI/UX load’ by simplifying the design and making it lighter.

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