GoldTach is a powerful and easy-to-use internet security tool that integrates four functions:Personal Firewall , Process Commnication Control, E-mail Protection and Webpage Content Filtration. GoldTach can effectively protect against hackers' intruding into your PC and filching personal data by e-mail; prevent Trojan, worm and other malice webpage code from damaging your software system.

Furthermore, GoldTach scan block most float ads and pop-up ads windows for your better view of the webpage and protect your privacy by block cookies.If your IE settings had been modified by the malice webpage ,you can restore it with GoldTach Pro's additional tool: IE Restorer.You can know the current net status by GoldTach 's tray icon. It installs easily,and works with few settings

Key Features for GoldTach Pro

* Firewall Control

GoldTach Pro provides powerful IP packet control. You can set up IP packet rule according to protocol, address, port., etc. and/or their combinations.

* Application Access Control

When GoldTach Pro detects new application with net packet (access, act as a server, send E-mail, etc.), it will pop up an enquiry window. If you check "Remember this selection" , GoldTach Pro will automatically adopt this rule later. As most Troy program send hackers sensitive data via E-mail, GoldTach can effectively prevent data filching by checking E-mail attachment .

* Securied Receiving E-mail

Most E-mail viruses are transmited and destroys your PC system thru invalid attachment. GoldTach will check E-mail attachments and rename attachment extension that might damage the system. Furthermore, when you open the protected attachment, GoldTach will remind you again for your securied receiving E-mail.

* Webpage Content Filtration

.Block pop-up ads. window
.Block writing Cookie
.Block Windows Host Servers script
.Block IE browser floating window
.Block creating object in webpage script
.Block Script, including VBScript, Java Script, etc.
.Block Embedded objects
.Block Applet

* View Detailed Internet Communication

.NetWatch function let you view all IP data packet passing thru your PC. GoldTach provides powerful filtration function. You can select to filtrate out any content from Ethnet packet header, IP packet header to packet content for your better view of the webpage.

.You can also view current data communication on the open port of each process.

* Process Management

Compared with Windows Process Manager, GoldTach Process Management provides more powerful functions. You can view parent process in the memory, open handles, owned thread, created time as well as terminate current running process.

* Password Protection

It is understandable you do not want your customized control settings changed by others. Now GoldTach password protection function can prevent your personal settings, current network status from being changed, or close GoldTach without valid password when this function is enabled.

* IE & Registry Restore

If your system is attacked by malice webpage and registry settings are changed, e.g., disabling editing registry with "regedit.ext" or changing IE homepage, you can quickly restore with this registry tool.

* Color Schemes and Multi-Language Support

GoldTach provides simple color schemes for you to custom favorite panel color. You can change to native language by translating the standard language packet.

* Mini Size and Easy Operation

GoldTach Pro provides two panels: Nice Panel & Advance Panel for your easy control of the network. You can know current network status thru system tray icon. The V2.0 installation packet sizes only 1.97MB.

What's New:

The improved kernel ,runs more faster , more stably with the less size

Renew the UI , GoldTach 3 is more easy-to-use than before .

Powered by AppFace UI Development Kits (AUDK) .

Fixed the reported bugs in the previous version.