It is the next generation of artificial intelligence, created to automatically perform complex tasks that traditionally require a significant amount of time and effort. Photolemur makes your photos more vivid, beautiful and natural without complicated manual image editing. No complicated instructions to read. No confusing settings to learn. No waste of time and money


  • Automatically makes all my photos much better
  • Doesn't require complicated learning & lots of manual control
  • Uses artificial intelligence and smart tech to fix my photos
  • Gives me hours & days of additional free time
  • Can process dozens and more photos at the same time
  • Automatically detects & fixes faces, skies, greenery & more
  • Can work with all kinds of photos: Landscapes, portraits, family, etc.
  • Supports Raw and all other popular photo file formats
  • Is always available and works day and night without interruptions
  • Makes all my photos look pro without expensive gear