Sushi Browser

Sushi Browser 0.19.5

The Next Generation Multi-Panel Browser.

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When you are browsing the web you can only use a section of your screen. Have you ever thought that that's a waste? The concept of the "Sushi Browser" is wanting to utilize the screen to the maximum capacity just by a simple operation. Its goal is to be as fantastic as sushi.

Multi panel

  • Display to the opposite panel. By middle clicking (pressing the mouse wheel) the link you can open the page in the link to the opposite panel. Middle clicking with 1 panel automatically splits the display into 2 panels.
  • Sync scrolling. By pressing the Sync scroll button, 1 page can be lined up like the pages of a book.

Utilizing the screen to the maximum

  • Side (bottom) bar. You can open favorite pages or pages from your history using the side bar.
  • Slim menu. One Line mode: Using a display method that integrates the menu bar and tab bar, it achieves a menu with a mere 30px. Full screen mode: The menu bar is not displayed and the menu is displayed by moving the cursor.

Extension tools

  • Terminal: It can operate Bash for Linux/Mac and Power Shell for Windows.
  • File explorer: It can manage and browse files.
  • Text editor: It can edit text and source codes etc.
  • Video playback: It can be used for automatic playback of videos.


Equipped with a native-implemented high speed advertisement block.

Download function

  • Video download: When downloading video and music information, download link is displayed automatically.
  • Parallel download: For 1 file it can download with a maximum of 16 parallel downloads.

Mouse gesture

It can use mouse gestures from Chrome's extension features. Even in Mac and Linux it can be used with the same operability as in Windows.

What's New:

  • Added line number to markdown mode of Note.
  • Added a button (P) to switch the preview mode in markdown mode to tab or vertical.
  • Added button (L) to change markdown line wrapping setting.
  • Fixed bugs related to Note, improved operation.
  • "Sort history in descending order of PV" is added to auto complete setting.
  • Changed to display PV, dwell time, delete button in history at the bottom of Top Page
  • Fixed bug that can not delete theme.
  • Fixed a bug in bookmark drop.
  • Fixed Bug of bookmark import.
  • Fixed many download bugs.
  • "Almost the same as as Chrome" was added to "When closing current tab, focus".
  • Fixed bug that Audio Extract, and Video Converter do not start.
  • Fixed Search Highlight bug.
  • Fixed some other bugs.

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