MTG Arena follows the same rules as the physical card game, in which players use decks of cards that include land cards that generate five separate colors of mana, and play cards that consume that mana to summon creatures, cast offensive and defensive spells, and/or activate effects and abilities. Players battle other players using a selected deck, with the goal of reducing the opponent's life-total to zero before their opponent can do the same to them.

Jump into action

Unlock 15 Unique Decks. Collect Daily Rewards to Grow Your Collection.

Have fun

Play Multiple Game Modes. Access In-Game Events with Exciting Prizes.

An Adventure begins

Zendikar calls. A quest awaits. So gather your adventuring party and prepare for perilous challenges and priceless rewards. If you’re to find the truth and calm the Roil, you must be bolder than the rest... and just a little reckless.