TagSpaces helps you organize your files and folders with tags and colors.

Privacy by design

Keep full control of your data! Since the app does not needs Internet or online registration to run, your files never leaves your computer and you can access them anytime. Our apps do not collect any user data or track the user's behaviour. Your files safely stay with you, and always will.

Open and Extensible

The core of TagSpaces is open source and published under the AGPL license. The application is written with modern web technologies and is designed to be easily extendible with plugins. All our currently available plugins are published under the MIT license.

Intuitive and easy to use

TagSpaces is designed to be easy to install and effortless to run. TagSpaces offers you the same convenient user interface to your local files on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

Just files - No vendor locking

TagSpaces uses only human-readable text files to persist all the meta information such as tags, descriptions and colors. Since we do have a database or a software back-end, there is no vendor locking and you can easily access your information even without our app.

Local-first, offline-first

Our desktop application is running completely offline on your computer or smartphone and does not require Internet connection. It is up to you to decide if and with which tools (e.g. Nextcloud, Dropbox, Syncthing) you can sync your annotated files across different computers.

Add tags and description to files and folders

  • Organize your photos, documents, music, recipes or invoices with tags in the same way on all platforms.
  • You can assign custom color to every folder and tag, which does the visual search an easy step.
  • You can add a custom thumbnail and text description to every file or folder.
  • In contrary to the most file tagging applications, TagSpaces does not persist the tags in a centralized way. As a consequence, the added meta information is not vendor locked.

Create digital notes as plain files

  • TagSpaces can be used as a full-fledged note-taking application similar to Evernote or Notion.
  • You can create and edit notes in WYSIWYG text editors.
  • Markdown, HTML and plain text are the available formats for the notes.
  • Common blocks such as lists, headers, tables and embedded images can be used
  • Our new Markdown editor supports even LaTeX math equations and source code snippets.
  • You can create To-Do lists and organize them in a kind of offline personal wiki for tracking your projects, ideas or memories.

Browse and preview your files

The app is like a web browser but for files, where you can:

  • Open your digital photos and images
  • Read PDF documents and collected web pages
  • Listen to your music and play videos
  • Organize your e-book library
  • Build you own personal digital asset management system
  • The list of the supported files formats is still growing.

Connect S3 object storages to manage the files there

In TagSpaces Pro you can connect AWS S3 compatible object stores (buckets) as locations and then you can:

  • Browse, preview, tag and search the files located there.
  • Edit files located in the cloud without downloading and re-uploading them.
  • Upload new files to the buckets with simple drag and drop actions.
  • Create time-limited, sharable links to files on buckets.
  • Create your own Dropbox or Evernote like services only by using AWS S3 or MinIO as back-end.
  • MinIO is explicitly supported, allowing you to self-host S3 compatible buckets on NAS systems and manage them.

Geo-tag files and annotate maps by placing files on them

TagSpaces Pro has a build-in perspective, which allows you to show geo-tagged files and folders on a digital map. So you can:

  • Place any file or folder on a map
  • Annotate maps with files
  • Save privately favorite places
  • Plan or document trips and places to visit
  • Extract geo coordinates from photos with the build-in IPTC/EXIF support, so you can show them on a map

Collect content from web pages with our Web Clipper browser extension

Save web pages, text snippets, screenshot from web pages or bookmark on your local hard drive as simple files for a later offline use.

  • We offer free Chrome, Edge and Firefox browser extensions for web clipping.
  • Saving whole web pages or only part of them, allowing you to use the application similar to the many "read in later" services.
  • Take a screenshot from the visible part of the webpage or create a bookmark to it. This, together with the tagging support allows you to use TagSpaces as a full-fledged bookmark manager.
  • Using just files for storing the web pages has many advantages. The main one is that your collected content is not "taken hostage" in any online service.


  • Easy File and Folder Tagging
    • The application supports adding tags with drag and drop to files and folders, in a transparent, not vendor locking way.
  • Tag Library with Colored Tags
    • You can organize your tags thematically in tag groups. For example the group "family" can contain tags which represents the members of your family. All those tags can have the same color in order to be easy visually recognizable.
  • Powerful Desktop Search
    • The application support searching for files and folder in your current location or folder. It can be searched explicitly for a given tag or a combination of tags. You can even exclude results with a given tag.
  • User Interface Themes
    • Currently TagSpaces supports a light and a dark theme, which can be easily switched.
  • File and Folder Management
    • TagSpaces features a set of basic file and folder management operations such as create, rename, move and delete.
  • Support for Extensions
    • The application can be extended with additional viewers for different file types and perspectives which represent your files for different use-cases.

What's New

A dedicated article describing with more details the key new features of this release can be found in our blog: major improvements in version 4

🎉 New features

  • Selecting a default perspective in setting of the app is now possible
  • Double click on files in list perspective will open the file natively
  • New search widget instead of search icon
  • Improvements for the search bar
  • Making search tooltip interactive
  • Improve usability inline search on mobile devices
  • Extract shooting datetime from EXIF in JPG files
  • Disabling EXIF extraction on readonly locations

🌟 Enhancements

  • Added app for notarization for macOS
  • Updating to electron 17.1.2
  • Enabling making newly create .ts folder hidden on Windows (winattr lib re-integration)
  • Updating the German, French and Canadian French translations
  • Added initial implementation for adding background images and gradients as backgrounds for the folders in the Kanban perspective

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix disabled perspective selector in the setting of the non-PRO version
  • Fix for taking isreadonly mode of a location into account for enabling the "apply tag" functionality
  • Fix thumbnail generation for HTML files
  • Fix displaying the last modified tag datetime in tag edit dialog #1628
  • Fix reordering tags in tag groups with drag and drop #1619
  • Fix saving order of the folder and files in the folders in the Kanban perspective
  • Fix show folder content in the Kanban perspective