With CopyTrans HEIC, you can preview and browse HEIC images through Windows Explorer. You don't have to run any additional software. Browse your photos or send them to print, all without converting to JPEG.


HEIC images are almost twice lighter than JPEGs of the same quality, and they allow your iPhone to take really good quality pictures. So, they are the future!

In 2017, Apple devices with iOS 11 and above started using High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) for coding images. Apple's version of this format became known as HEIC (High Efficiency Image Coding).

However, native Windows applications do not support this format yet. This is why we developed CopyTrans HEIC, a hassle-free solution for viewing HEIC images on your PC.

For business clients: The plug-in works in Citrix and Windows Terminal Server environments.

View HEIC files on Windows

  • Additionally, CopyTrans HEIC may help some other image viewers, such as FastStone Image Viewer or IrfanView, to recognize HEIC files.
  • To view HEIC photos on Windows 10 and 11, please install Windows Photo Viewer first.

Use HEIC to JPG converter

  • If you need your photos in JPEG anyway, CopyTrans HEIC will gladly convert them, preserving the date taken, geolocation and more. No need to launch anything – just right-click on the images and choose to convert!
  • In this way, you can convert up to 100 images in one go. Also, your photos are not going anywhere from your PC: all conversion happens locally!

Enjoy Microsoft Office support

  • Make your MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel documents even better with High Efficiency photos! CopyTrans HEIC makes Microsoft Office* compatible with HEIC format. *Starting with Microsoft Office 2010
  • Now that you can insert HEIC photos into Microsoft Office documents, they will take less space and will respond more quickly!

Stop wasting your disk space

  • By default, your iPhone converts HEIC images to JPEG upon transfer to PC, because it knows your computer probably can't read HEIC files.
  • CopyTrans HEIC makes things easier by enabling HEIC support on your PC. So, you can switch that setting off and store your images in High Efficiency format – same photos, twice less space!