SD WebUI Easy Installer is an unofficial installer and launcher for A1111's Stable Diffusion WebUI. It installs everything with a single download, a few clicks and then gives you a cool launcher. It can be used by beginners as well as advanced users, it has tons of features to save you from editing files and stuff, and easily auto update everything.


  • All in one installer
  • Comes with a pruned 1.5 model with the new VAE
  • Auto updates of the WebUI and Extensions
  • Auto clears the output folder
  • Choose your preferred VAE file & Models folders
  • Widely used launch options as checkboxes & add as much as you want in the field at the bottom

Launch Options

  • Low VRAM : Allows cards with low VRAM to be able to generate images, this will increase render time, but will make things smooth
  • Xformers : Greatly speeds up RTX 3000 / 4000 cards, can sometimes work with previous gens cards as well !
  • Checkpoint Folder : If you don't have a specific checkpoint folder, do not click this, else select it there 'click the path to reset
  • Default VAE : This will allow you to select a default separate for all models VAE file 'click the path to reset
  • Additional Arguments : If you know what you're doing, you can add additional launch arguments for the UI here, as you would have done in webui-user.bat.
  • â ï¸ Click Save to confirm the additional arguments, else they won't be saved


  • Launch Options Overview for easy verification & debug
  • Launcher Version displayed
  • Main GPU & VRAM displayed
  • Ability to copy the WebUI Commit Hash (practical for opening GitHub issues)
  • Direct link to the Issues section of the Installer/Launcher GitHub
  • Direct link to the Issues section of the WebUI


  • Download the latest release
  • Click Next on the Welcome screen
  • On the Prerequisites Screen, select the programs you want to install and click Next
  • If everything goes right you'll see this screen:

  • Select where you want to install the WebUI
    • Default is fine but if you want to install things somewhere else, it is highly recommended to do it in a dedicated empty folder, else it's going to be pretty messy
  • Click Install and remember, this can take a while
  • Once installed, a folder will open with a shortcut called A1111 WebUI (Pin to Taskbar)
  • You can drag & drop it on your taskbar if you wish, this is the launcher for the WebUI
  • Launch the shortcut to open the Custom Launcher
  • Once you've selected what you wanted, click Launch WebUI, this will launch a CMD window, logging what it's doing
    • â ï¸ Be patient this will take a while at first, when it's ready, it will open the WebUI in your browser
  • When you're done using the WebUI, close the browser tab & close the CMD window

Launching the program

  • When double clicking A1111 WebUI (pin to Taskbar) you should be greeted with the launcher:

What's New

  • Adding an "no-autolaunch" launch option for the launcher, just add it at the end of the target of the "A1111 WebUI (Pin to Taskbar)" shortcut, like the "skip" launch option. This will just launch the WebUI server without opening it, so you can just browser to on your preferred browser
  • Adding a "Browse" button to browse the WebUI folder
  • Replacing the turning arrow with "Reset" for clarity
  • Small UI text & appearance changes
  • Updating the output clear function to clear custom folders

Previous Release Notes:

  • Adding a link to see all the available arguments in the text of "Additional Launch Options"

Fixes for Python & Git

  • Changing the dependencies to install, no more portable
  • Changing some logger colours

Pretty big experimental update

  • Git & Py are downloaded as portable dependencies, so no install needed
  • The Installer now only has the clean install checkbox and install path
  • The WebUI is cloned at the launch of the Launcher
  • The Model is also now available to download at launch if you have no custom model folder, or no model in your defaut folder

Previous release note:

  • Searching HKLM for python 310 if HKCU fails
  • Git & Py are downloaded as portable dependencies, so no install needed
  • This is very early and not production ready so be careful
  • Signing the installer, maybe this will prevent some warnings and antivirus false positives
  • LaunchWebUI is no more, it's just a function within LauncherUI
  • Added a new type of logging, with spacing
  • The WebUI now launches in the same powershell window as the WebUI, with new logs and warnings at the start
  • Fixed python error when there were spaces in the python path.


  • This only works on Windows 10 and 11
  • This has only been tested on Nvidia Graphics Cards (Make sure you're up to date)
  • This installer installs the original Automatic1111 Stable Diffusion WebUI repository but is not affiliated with it, if you get questions or errors after clicking LAUNCH WEBUI, they'll be related to the WebUI itself and not this installer, so do not ask or report them here, but here
  • On the other hand, if you find a glitch before that or have a feature request, please fill an issue and more importantly join the new Automatic1111's SD WebUI discord to discuss the project and get general help about the WebUI
  • â ï¸ This installer will always clone the latest bleeding edge update of the WebUI. Some Updates can break it