Play the classic 1998 Fallout 2 but in a different way. This FPS version is free to download and can also be played in your browser. The project is still in early access.


  • WSAD - movement
  • CTRL Sneak mode On / Off
  • LMB- attack
  • SPACE- V.A.T.S targeting system
  • MMB- change weapon mode (reload, single, burst)
  • RMB- menu, release for choose icon to do action
  • TAB- Character stats
  • I - Inventory (in next update)
  • Q - switch between weapons (left / right hand) (in next update)

What's New

  • Added walk, runaway animations for few civil NPC
  • Added death animations for animals
  • Fixed VATS display text for hit chance (no less than 0 and no more than 95)
  • Death screen
  • Knockback effect (experimental)
  • Posibility to enter to desert location on wasteland on world map (clicking on green triangle cursor)
  • Start perks bug fix
  • Added first primitive light sources
  • Enemy with SMG also can switch between Single and Burst shoot