Personalize the coloring effects across your devices including in-game reactive lighting for compatible GameSense titles.

Profiles that Stick With You

Save custom gear profiles that load automatically when a familiar game application is in the foreground. Want a different illumination or binds on League of Legends vs CS:GO? Go for it.

Coloring Effects

Select a base color layer as a single color, color shift, gradient or breathe.

Reactive Lighting

Set a reactive coloring layer in response to button presses or in-game events.

Hear it Roar

Easily refine your audio settings for a fully immersive experience.

Equalizer options

Use vertical sliders to adjust specific frequencies, or choose from select presets.

Bass boost

Enhance the bass track with advanced processing for a more controlled effect.

Virtual surround

Immerse yourself with audio that subtly incorporates positional cues.

Mic noise cancellation

Filter out any background noise and excess static for a clear voice.

Make it Your Own

Set custom button or click shortcuts for compatible devices, then save your settings to any game profile.

Rebind keys and buttons

Rebind a button to any other mouse button, key or system function from a single editor.

Quick record macros

Record macros in-game or direct in Engine, then edit the delays and buttons as needed.

Customized OLED

Upload custom OLED images or configure game related information for GameSense titles.

Set actuation sensitivity

Set sensitivities on keyboards like the Apex Pro, or lift off distance and acceleration on select mice.

What's New


  • Fixed a bug with the GG "What's New" pop-up where sometimes it would appear & disappear quickly


  • We've got some sweet updates for you to keep improving your audio experience while gaming. Check it out:
  • We're giving you one more track to mix up your audio game: AUX. Now you can tune another track independently from game, chat, and media. Just make sure you route your apps to the AUX if you want them to play in it.
  • Ready to step up your F1 gaming? We added the Mercedes preset, straight from the Mercedes-AMG Petronas esport team. This preset will give you the same sound as pro players. Let's get racing!
  • Diablo fans, we got something for you too! The Diablo IV preset has been created by Blizzard directly from the developers to let you enjoy the Early Access sound design at its best!
  • Fixed a bug where sliding volume to 0 dB while muted locked the mute status for GAME and MEDIA under certain conditions.


  • Arena 7 and 9: Fixes an issue where changes to illumination from the Config window would not display correctly under certain circumstances
  • Prism:Introducing Relative Positioning. With the new added move tool, you have the flexibility to position your devices more like they are in your space and make the most out of your effects
  • Note: Many Prism effect animations are based on your devices' position on the canvas, allowing the patters to flow between them.
  • Fixes an issue that would prevent space characters from being entered in certain circumstances


  • Moments now supports Rocket League Auto-clipping at 16x10 resolutions. Rocket League also identifies this in the Video Settings as 8:5