Topaz Photo AI supercharges your image quality so you can focus on the creative part of photography.

Topaz Photo AI is auto-pilot for your image quality needs. Import an image to Topaz Photo AI and it will use specially trained AI models to first detect the unique problems in detail, clarity, and resolution before intelligently applying adjustments that will maximize your image quality. This software by the team at Topaz Labs is created to be an all-in-one solution to enhance your images using the power of machine-learning AI technology.

For users experienced with Topaz Labs image quality applications, it combines the functionality of DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI into one application with an intelligent auto setting that can pick adjustments with strengths for you.

Note: You can download Topaz Photo AI from here and run the installer. When you open Topaz Photo AI, you will be prompted to activate the application, purchase it, or to use the demo mode. Click the demo mode to use the trial. The trial lets you use all the features of the application with the exception of saving/exporting a file. All features and plugins are included when you install. Make sure to take a look at the Topaz Photo AI Quick Start Guide to learn the basics of using this application.

System Requirements


  • Windows Operating System: 10 or 11 (most updated version recommended)
  • CPU: Intel or AMD, with AVX instructions, released after 2013
  • System Memory (RAM): 12GB (16GB or more recommended)
  • Graphics Card (Nvidia): Nvidia GTX 900 or higher, 4GB VRAM
  • Graphics Card (AMD): AMD Radeon 400 or higher, 4GB VRAM
  • Graphics Card (Intel): Intel UHD 600 Graphics or higher, 12GB system RAM


Intel: CPU

  • Mac Operating System: Big Sur 11 and higher
  • CPU: Intel with AVX instructions
  • System Memory (RAM): 16GB
  • Graphics Card: Any
  • Video RAM: 2GB

Apple M1/M2

  • Mac Operating System: Big Sur 11 or higher
  • CPU & Graphics Card: Apple M1/M2
  • System Memory (RAM): 8GB

What's New

This week we're introducing a new feature to help generate before/after images to share with friends or social media. We've also fixed a large number of issues, and included some nice quality of life improvements.

Changes since 2.0.2:

  • Added Image Capture button to more easily share before/after pictures
  • Added 512 MP limit when processing to LrC
  • Added 30,000x30,000 limit when processing to PS
  • Added resetting input values by double clicking the field's label
  • Added new update dialog (you'll notice it next update)
  • Added error dialog when attempting to show file in explorer/finder that doesn't exist
  • Fixed black borders appearing on some Sony files
  • Fixed image loading getting stuck sometimes when loading a second batch of images
  • Fixed "Error loading model" when opening linear RAWs while Autopilot is set to suggest the Normal or Strong models for RAW Remove Noise
  • Fixed highlights getting artifacts when converting to RAW colorspace
  • Fixed some PNG images having wrong orientation
  • Fixed some images loading with incorrect, very large PPIs
  • Fixed RAW images running locked filters when using "Apply settings to all"
  • Fixed editing images in the Develop screen in LrC via the Plug-In Extras method showing "No Photo Selected" after saving
  • Fixed hotkeys not working after clicking some parts of the UI
  • Fixed navigator not being pannable when running Autopilot
  • Fixed window allowing resizing when maximized
  • Fixed some models re-calculating auto values that were already calculated on another model
  • Fixed new versions of Photoshop not having the TPAI plugins on Mac until the following TPAI update
  • Changed the non-AI brush to start half as large
  • Changed "Close Image" option in right click menu to appear above "Close All Images" option
  • Changed color of welcome screen when dragging image into the app
  • Changed some status messages
  • Updated lensfun

Changes since 2.0.0:

  • Fixed crash on Nvidia cards due to driver issues
  • Fixed sliders not allowing you to backspace the last digit
  • Fixed close image shortcut always using the index of the last right clicked image
  • Fixed some cases of export stalling when no filters are active
  • Fixed Lightroom Classic plugin not working when file paths contained ' character
  • Fixed Autopilot panel closing too fast when switching images quickly
  • Fixed RAW Remove Noise Autopilot dot being affected by unrelated models
  • Potentially fixed automate plugin conflicting with Gigapixel's automate plugin
  • Enabled pasting images and paths into the app from clipboard (Ctrl/Cmd + V)
  • Improved performance of importing large batches of images
  • Photoshop plugin now ensures the layer is visible before running
  • Automation plugin now reads and writes resolution data
  • Added lens correction status to the Autopilot panel
  • Added hover effect to combo boxes to better indicate state
  • Added Autopilot options introduced in 2.0.0 to the CLI
  • Stopped blocking RAW images with odd crop values
  • This may cause crashes on certain images.
  • If you run across those cases please send us the file so we can check.

Known Issues:

  • The Adjust Lighting and Balance Color enhancements may produce poor results when exporting as DNG
  • Machines with Intel integrated GPU (iGPU) will get bad/unexpected results (no lighting change, but get color cast) in Adjust Lighting filter

Previous Release Notes:

Changes since 1.5.4:

  • Added v2 of the Sharpen Standard model
  • Added v2 of the Remove Noise RAW models
  • Fixed tiling artifacts
  • Added Adjust Lighting enhancement
  • Added Balance Color enhancement
  • Added automate plugin for Photoshop, which allows for cropping and upscaling
  • Access the plugin within Photoshop by going to File > Automate > Topaz Photo AI
  • Added many new configuration options over how Autopilot works
  • Added new panel displaying the status of Autopilot
  • Hover over the status bar to review the completed steps
  • Updated design of the different panels of the app
  • Updated status bar and autopilot section to use less space
  • Updated design of sliders
  • Fixed right panel scroll position not resetting when switching images
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior regarding the enhancement being collapsed or not when toggling on by clicking the label (not the switch)
  • Fixed some Panasonic & Minolta images having incorrect orientation
  • Fixed some Sony images having incorrect orientation on export
  • Fixed some exported non-RAW files opening in Camera RAW
  • Fixed noise levels sometimes being "undefined" in Remove Noise tooltip
  • Fixed crash when detecting faces
  • Fixed Autopilot not enabling Remove Noise when it should
  • File size estimates are now cached
  • Improved performance when opening many images at once
  • Updated lensfun

Known Issues:

  • The Adjust Lighting and Balance Color enhancements may produce poor results when exporting as DNG

Previous Release Notes:

Changes since 1.5.2:

  • In-Subject face selection should now be faster and has updated logic
  • Added support for Sony ILCE-6700
  • Added an Open Images button to the bottom bar
  • Fixed resolution not sticking after changing images
  • Fixed resolution changes getting reset when opening crop
  • Resolution now supports a wider range of values
  • Resolution now calculates inches and centimeters separately
  • Updated lensfun

Previous Release Notes:


This week's a big one, including a new slider for the non-RAW remove noise and lots of polish around the app! It's also the start of us bumping the minor release version with a bit higher frequency.

Changes since 1.4.3:

  • Added recover original detail slider to non-RAW Remove Noise
  • Redesigned status bar, moving it into the right panel
  • Improved customization of auto-upscaling, including support for always enhancing at <=1x as well as more decimal points for scale
  • Fixed cancelling crop setting the crop to the full image, and resetting the masks and face selections
  • Added warning when applying a crop will reset the masks and face selections (thanks to the previous fix, canceling will avoid that reset)
  • Fixed CLI upscale can change DPI to wrong DPI CM/IN
  • Maintain original resolution when upscale is turned on and px unit is selected
  • Fixed using enter or escape inside a text field within an edit mode causing the edit mode to close
  • Images that store their resolution metadata within JFIF tags will now be read correctly
  • Preserve Text automatically turns off if text mask is empty
  • Preview no longer swaps to the original image when previewing faces or a mask if there's nothing to display (no faces detected or an empty mask)
  • If there are no unsaved changes, the preferences panel may now be closed by clicking outside the dialog
  • Several tooltips added around the app
  • Various wording tweaks around the app
  • All edit modes (crop, subject, face selection, text) force single image view
  • Updated lensfun


Released July 27th, 2023

Note for MacOS users: The new minimum supported OS version is now 11.0 (Big Sur).

Changes since 1.4.2:

  • Fixed issue where files would sometimes overwrite other files due to a race condition
  • Fixed some issues where shortcuts could be used while Autopilot was running
  • Fixed issue where "Processing" text on export dialog would overlap the scrollbar
  • Fixed brush size preview being shown at incorrect times
  • Fixed exporting the same file multiple times always appending and new "-2" instead of incrementing
  • Fixed some models getting re-downloaded when updating
  • Fixed resolution unit being used even when upscale is turned off
  • Added Shift + M and Shift + T shortcuts to preview Subject and Text masks
  • Added tooltips to models and settings in the right panel
  • Added "T" shortcut to enter text masking mode
  • Reset crop button is now disabled when nothing would change
  • Save button in preferences is now disabled unless there are changes
  • Shortcuts for various edit modes (C, F, M) are now toggle-able instead of just entering the mode
  • Several smaller menu and and shortcut changes

Known Issues:

Issues where files were being overwritten with different image data should be resolved, but in some cases where processing would have overwritten the wrong file it will now instead show "Error writing image". You can always re-attempt to save any files that have this error. We will have a better fix for this in the future. Also due to the previous versions overwriting image data immediately, processing may feel slower but this is just because more images are being fully processed.