A Matrix client focusing primarily on simple, elegant and secure interface. The main goal is to have an instant messaging application that is easy on people and has a modern touch.

Cinny is built on top of Matrix - An open network for secure, decentralized communication. We have also made the source code of Cinny open to everyone, so you can enhance, modify and inspect it.



Navigation is easy now because we organized DMs separate from channels.

No more clutter

You will see what's necessary to give you a better visual feedback.

Input that matters

An interface which adapts to your actions without making you feel uncomfortable.

Calm visual

Everything is properly aligned and formatted to give you a calm feeling.

Lot more to come

We are constantly working on Cinny to make it a better place. A place for communication like never seen before.

What's New

Hello everyone, We are thrilled to announce v3 of Cinny with exciting features like Rich Input Editor (aka WYSIWYG editor), even faster timeline with new features and improved People drawer.

Rich Input Editor

Message input has been completely rewritten to support rich text. It has now all the rich text buttons and key shortcuts for them as well.
The new input also supports inline markdown. Also, it no longer supports LATEX rendering or sending.
Input also support multiple file upload at one time now. Also, Emojiboard got refreshed look and combines both Emojis and Stickers and also include Sticker search.

Refreshed Timeline

Timeline is rewritten as part of our effort in moving the codebase to TypeScript and implementing the design system. As a result timeline scroll is 5x faster than before. It render almost all kinds of events now and has options to open various type of files right into the app itself, notably the pdf viewer.

People drawer

The side drawer listing people also has new features like sorting the members by Join/Left/Banned/Kicked etc as well as sorting the same alphabetically or date wise.

Note: To host Cinny on your own, download tarball of the app. You can serve the application with a webserver of your choice by simply copying dist/ directory to the webroot. To set default Homeserver on login and register page, place a customized config.json in webroot of your choice.