Full size photos and videos, plus replies and reactions. Never share a tiny, grainy video ever again! Now send high resolution files, see reply threads, typing indicators, read receipts and share some ð with reactions.

Join iPhone-only group chats

Stop using clunky SMS group chats! Get a blue bubble and join your friends in group chats with features like edit, unsend, encryption and more.

Turn your Android phone number blue

Your phone number is no longer a green bubble! When iPhone friends text you, your number shows up as a blue bubble.


  • Send and receive iMessage on your Android devices. Blue bubbles, reactions/replies, full resolution attachments and all other iMessage features.
  • Send and receive SMS messages from your computer or other devices
  • Stay In Sync: Beeper gives you a unified inbox for 15 chat networks.
  • Unlock Superpowers: Faster and more powerful. Search all of your chats. Archive chats to get them out of your inbox.
  • Native Chat Is Better: Beeper seamlessly integrates Twitter DMs, WhatsApp, iMessage, and more into a single inbox. Yes, iMessage works even on Android, Windows and Linux!
  • Open Source Protocol: We built Beeper on Matrix, the open source federated messaging protocol. All of our 'bridges' which connect Beeper to other chat networks are open source, available on our Gitlab. You can run our backend stack on your own server or pay for our hosted option.
  • Open API: Build on top of Beeper. Extend your chat experience with bots, extensions, plugins and integrations using the standardized Matrix API. Optionally run the whole Beeper stack on your own Matrix server with our open source bridges.

Beeper supports:

  • iMessage on Android
  • Android SMS
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Signal
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram DM
  • Twitter DM
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Linkedin
  • Google Chat
  • IRC
  • Matrix chat

What's New

  • Fixed: Some users were not receiving notifications