Volume Control leverages the Win32 API to establish seamless native hotkeys, effectively superseding default Windows keybindings with imperceptible latency. Employing the same approach as the native Windows volume mixer, it offers compatibility with all applications.

Volume Control empowers users with an unlimited array of unique hotkey combinations, each fully customizable with specific actions. The default options include common actions like "Volume Up", "Volume Down", and "Toggle Mute". Furthermore, you have the flexibility to create and integrate your own custom actions in C# to enhance Volume Control's functionality.


  • Lets you control the volume of specific programs using only the keyboard.
  • Can override pre-existing keys & key combinations, including all of the media keys.
  • All hotkeys are completely user-customizable and can be bound to a variety of actions.
  • New actions can be added via user-created addons.
  • Offers more features and a more compact UI than the Windows Volume Mixer.
  • And more.

What's New

  • Added support for translation configs using the much simpler single-language syntax.
  • Converted en.loc.json to use single-language syntax.
  • Default translation configs are no longer written to disk.
  • The ~/AppData/Local/radj307/VolumeControl/Localization directory is no longer used, and can be deleted (this does not happen automatically).
  • Renamed the CustomLocalizationDirectories setting to LocalizationDirectories to better reflect its purpose.
  • [#129] Updated Italian language by @bovirus
  • Added Hungarian language support to the installer.
  • Note: Outdated Translations

The following translations are heavily outdated and are in desperate need of maintenance:

  • German (DE/DE) (de.loc.json)
  • Français (French) (fr.loc.json)
  • Portuguese (Portugal) (pt.loc.json)

If you can translate from English to any of these languages, consider becoming a project contributor & contribute a translation.