Zoom is a software package that creates a search engine for your website, intranet, CD, or DVD. It provides fast and powerful full-text searching by indexing your website in advance with an user friendly desktop application that allows you to configure and index your site, from the convenience of your Windows computer.

Zoom is a complete search solution that provides the following powerful searching capabilities on your website:

  • Search results sorted by relevance or by date
  • Wildcard searching (eg. "zo?m", "zoom")
  • Exact phrase searching*
  • "Google-like" context search results*
  • Highlight words found in search results
  • Provide spelling suggestions* and synonyms
  • Exclusion/negative searches
  • V6 Search Ranking Algorithm and Stemming*
  • Display images or thumbnails alongside search results (more)
  • Provide recommended links for certain keywords or phrases (more)
  • Perform database-like multi-criteria searches using Custom Meta Fields.
  • Capable of serving up to 300 queries per minute
  • Can index and search 1000s of web site domains in a single index#
  • Search inside DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS, RTF, WPD, ZIP files and more (see plugins#)
  • Search a Flash-based site. Index SWF and FlashPaper files (see plugin#)
  • A9 and OpenSearch compatible XML/RSS output (CGI only)
  • Log all searches made on your website and generate detailed pie-charts and graphical statistic reports* so you know what your visitors are looking for
  • Completely customizable search page appearance with HTML and CSS templates
  • International language support (various charset support, UTF-8, accent, diacritic and ligature options, translated search pages and more)

What's New:

  • Fixed bug with "Support single-case languages" in Indexer and PHP script.
  • Added filtering out of exclamation marks (!) in search query.
  • Added error check for V7 configuration files (not supported in V6).
  • Fixed bug with date times being 1 second off (causing 00:00:00 to end up being recognized as the previous day)
  • Fixed bug with Content Filtered pages displaying the wrong skipped reason in the Log.
  • Fixed bug with not saving the Link Target setting when it is over 15 characters in length.