RevConnect is a file sharing program based on DC++. It is fully compatible with the Direct Connect network and made the following major features:

* Multiple Sources Downloading
Download one file from multiple users at the same time without corruption! This can vastly improve your download speeds.
* Kademlia
A hub independent en more effective DHT based search engine. Online users : 15896
* Partial File Sharing
Greatly enhances file sharing speed and availability.
* Credit System
The credit system is used to reward users contributing to the network, i.e. uploading to other clients.
* Secure User Identification
Clients in the network are identified by a unique 384 bit RSA public key, it's used to grant earned credits with other users.
* Magnet Link and Bitzi Lookup
Find and recommend quality files with ease. Take a look at the FindHash for magnet links (and to post your own).
* Automatically Recycle Excessive Sources
Congestion avoidance. Prevent users from exhausting precious free slots in the network.
* Enhanced Auto Search
Once you decide your downloads, you never need find sources by yourself.

Important Notes

o DC++ can't resume RevConnect's unfinished downloads!
o If your download bandwidth is lower than 1 Mbit/s, don't use RevConnect!
o Don't use NetLimiter, it causes RevConnect crash
o Don't connect too many hubs and download too many files at the same time, you PC will be flooded with TCP connections
o 'Passive' users can not use Kademlia
o Your temporary download directory should be on the same drive as your download directory