This tool with ease allows renaming unlimited number of files in selected folder. For renaming, there is a unique system of templates. This templates system allows creating new names of files simply and evidently. Files viewing area reflects all necessary information for renaming. After the folder has been selected and template has been preset, just click the rename button.

Each template consists of the nine fields, which can accept one of the six values with corresponding options, or simply the text. When preseting of the renaming template you can operate with the following kinds of fields: source name, parent folder name, counter, date, time and extension. Without effort you can save your template, for subsequent use. For convenience on the tools bar there are templates management icons.

In the viewing area you see the list of the files. Necessary files for renaming are checked in checkbox. In the viewing area there are 8 columns reflecting the information on files. In the program options you can include or exclude those or other columns and change their order. By default the area of viewing is automatically updating, in case of work with a big number of files it is recommended to uncheck automatic updating.

Main program features:

- Renaming many files at once
- Unique templates system
- Preliminary viewing before renaming
- Sorting files before renaming
- Multiple usages of the templates

What's New:

[+] multiselect has been added
[+] file list: Pop Up menu has been added
[+] filter: case sensitive function has been added.
[*] multiselect options added to tool bar buttons
[*] help file has been updated
[-] Date creation bug in pattern has been fixed