What's New:
  • General information: Subscribers of MLB.TV Premium will need to update to this version in order to view 2013 games.
  • Supports MLB 2013 games.
  • Supports JSTV in Monaco.
  • Resolved rebooting issue when keying in Chinese characters.
  • Resolved issue with the status bar not automatically closing when video is playing.
  • Resolved a problem with the wrong name displaying for "Director" when retrieving content info for movies.
  • Resolved subtitles still playing when default settings is selected as OFF.
  • Resolved English only translation issue to support Nederland’s language “get content info”.
  • Resolved audio “Next” button skipping multiple tracks.
  • Resolved buffering issue during playback for Apple MOV videos files on a network attached storage device.
  • Resolved several Japanese translation issues.

How to Install the Product Update: Learn more.