Brilliant HD streaming with FasTrack.

Exclusive FasTrack Plus technology delivers smooth high-quality HD streaming to all your connected devices. Smart, real-time prioritization means your entertainment comes first.

Speed that keeps up with you.

With Dual-Band speeds up to 450 mbps on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, the My Net N900 delivers the ultimate Wi-Fi speeds for your entertainment.

More bandwidth, less interference.

Double your bandwidth with 2.4 and 5 GHz bands working simultaneously to increase throughput and reduce interference. More bandwidth for more of your connected devices.

We've got you covered.

Range-amplifying technology reduces interference and additional antennas broaden the wireless signal to provide superior coverage for larger, multi-floor homes. Stream your movies, shows, games, videos and music to all the laptops, tablets and smartphones anywhere in your home.

You'll be streaming in no time.

WD's streamlined CD or browser setup is designed to get you up and running in just a few quick steps. Use the easy setup CD or set it up wirelessly from your iPad or other connected device. The intuitive user interface is designed for touch screens, so setup from your smartphone or tablet is a snap.

You're in control.

The My Net Dashboard makes it easy for you to customize, monitor or change your settings of your network. Access parental controls, Internet security, network name and password, printer and scanner settings, and connected storage drive settings all in one easy view.

What's New:

  • This firmware version includes support for Windows 8.
  • Resolved issue with Access Point mode not working properly.
  • Resolved issue with Connection up time not displaying correctly.
  • Applied UPnP port map table to the user interface to show UPnP device mappings.
  • Added a pop-up detailed message about changing from Router mode to AP mode.
  • Edited fix for invalid hostname error message.
  • Added explanation for registering device.
  • Resolved static route to single host to support full netmask entry field.
  • Resolved issue of WEP security with 128-bit encryption feature.
  • Resolved that channel width will be grayed out when wireless is disabled.
  • Resolved issue of thumbnails for photos not being displayed through media player devices.
  • Resolved issue with USB drive unlocking password.
  • Resolved issue with UPnP port mapping duplication entries.
  • Applied fix to Dynamic DNS account to provide correct message.
  • Resolved Dynamic DNS showing update status.
  • Resolved FasTrack Plus issue with FTP traffic.
  • Edited text message for safe removal of attached storage drive.
  • Resolved various translation issues in supported languages.
  • Applied fix to the DNS Relay button.
  • Resolved unlocking USB drive with complex characters password.
  • Resolved Wi-Fi disconnects issue when editing or creating rules under MAC Filter.
  • Resolved Xbox┬« issue displaying media files from router-attached USB drive.