This package is an official Creative Labs Beta Release but is NOT provided for download by Creative. This release is primarily for Sound Blaster Audigy users and significantly improves gaming performance for all cards in the Sound Blaster Audigy range. It does however also provide benefits for the Audigy 2 family of cards (as shown below). This release is ideal for high-end gamers who want even better performance than they currently enjoy. This release has been tested by Creative Labs for gaming use ONLY. No other functionality has been tested. It should be noted that the Sound Blaster applications provided with your card may not function after installation of this driver. For mixer and speaker configuration the standard Windows apps can be used.

This release will be followed up with a final official driver update that will integrate the performance features with the core driver and application set. The beta release is designed to stop functioning on the 1st of August 2003 by which time the final release previously mentioned will be available.

This update is exclusively for Sound Blaster Audigy and Audigy 2 users running on Windows 2000 or XP ONLY.

Fixes & Features

Sound Blaster Audigy Specific
- Sound Blaster Audigy performance increased by 10%-15% for EAX ADVANCED HD
- Number of simultaneous voices has been doubled from 32 to 64

Sound Blaster Audigy and Audigy 2 Benefits
- Reverb presets setting by game audio engine is now on average 10X faster
- EAX Morphing performance enhanced, typically yeilding a 2X improvement in framerates for morphed sections.