1. Added AWDFLASH v8.32 support for the "ALT+F2" hot key function.
  2. Changed the default year to 2004.
  3. Updated CPU micro code.
  4. Revised wording for the "CPU Shutdown Temperature" Item.
  5. Calibrated CPU temperature.
  6. Reserved the setting of date & time after Clean CMOS.
  7. Fixed an issue where the PS/2 wheel mouse does not respond under certain conditions:
    1. Using certain PS/2 wheel mice and certain USB keyboards.
    2. PS/2 wheel mouse works fine but loses response on 1st, 3rd, 5th.... time restarting windows. However, it works fine on 2nd, 4th.... windows restart.
    3. For "PS/2 wheel mouse + PS/2 keyboard" and "USB wheel mouse + USB keyboard ", there no problems at all.
  8. BIOS compile date: 04/27/2004