These release notes provide information on the latest posting of ATI's industry leading software suite, CATALYST™. This particular software suite updates both the ATI Display Driver (version 8.10), and the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER (version 5.2). This unified driver has been further enhanced to provide the highest level of power, performance, and reliability. The ATI CATALYST™ software suite is the ultimate in performance and stability.

The CATALYST™ 5.2 Release Note provides information on the following:

* Web Content
* Desktop product family support
* ATI Chipset Product Support
* Operating systems supported
* New Features
* Performance Improvements
* Issues Resolved in CATALYST™ Display Driver Version 5.2
* Known Issues for CATALYST™ Display Driver Version 5.2
* Downloading the ATI CATALYST™ Software Suite
* Uninstalling the ATI Control Panel and Display Driver
* Installing the latest CATALYST™ Software Suite
* CATALYST™ CREW Feedback Program
* Customer Care Service

Web Content

The CATALYST™ software suite 5.2 contains the following:

* RADEON™ display driver 8.10
* HydraVision™ 3.25.0006
* HydraVision™ Basic Edition 3.25.9006
* Remote Wonder 2.5.1
* WDM version 4.07
* Southbridge/IXP Driver

For more information please read the Release Notes here: