Please note that there is a known issue with audio and/or video playback and the V-RAID driver v5.40A which is contained in this package. Not all users experience this issue and it is still under investigation. The issue will be fixed in the next release of the V-RAID and Hyperion Pro drivers. This is the first Hyperion Pro driver that supports Windows Vista. For non-Vista Windows operating systems, we recommend using the Hyperion Pro 5.10A drivers, although these drivers can be used. If there are any problems with non-Vista Windows operating systems and these drivers, roll back to the older 5.30C V-RAID driver.

Version 5.11A of the Hyperion Pro drivers includes the following components:

INF V2.80A
AGP V4.60A
V-RAID V5.40A and RAID Tools v5.40

VIA Hyperion Pro drivers are suitable for ANY VIA chipset - but they are particularly recommended for KT4## series, P4X4## series and newer, for example:
K7 chipsets: KT400, KT400A, KT600, KT880, KM400, KN400
K8 chipsets: K8T800, K8T800Pro, K8M800, K8M890, K8N800, K8N890, K8T890, K8T890Pro, K8T900
P4 chipsets: P4X400, P4X400A, PT800, PT880, PM800, PN800, PM880, PN880, PT880Pro, PT894, P4M800/Pro/CE, P4M900, PT890
C Series Chipsets: CN700, CN400, CLE266, CX700,CX700M, CN800
V Series Chipsets: VN800, VX700, VN896