What's more appealing than a shortcut? It's a quick way to take a task and make it less painful and easier to accomplish. With shortcuts, you can cheat time a little bit and find maybe a few extra moments each day. If you save three minutes a day for a year, that's a little over 18 hours. You could binge-watch the entire show Freaks and Geeks with four hours to spare. So, shall we get started?

OS Keyboard Shortcuts

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Note: This feature was originally published on 03/07/2016. We have bumped it because it's always a good time to learn a new shortcut and simplify your workflow. Part of our #ThrowbackThursday initiative.


Windows Shortcuts

Windows 10 introduced some new shortcuts to take full advantage of the operating system's features and interface. Here are some of the highlights:

Improved window management

  • Snap a window left / right: Windows key + Arrow key left / right
  • Snap a window to a quadrant: Windows key + Up or Down (after moving left or right)

  • Create new virtual desktop: Windows key + Ctrl + D
  • Close current virtual desktop: Windows key + Ctrl + F4
  • Cycle through desktops to the left / right: Windows key + Ctrl + Left / Right
  • Minimize all windows in the background except active window: Windows key + Home
  • Open Task View interface (to see all the virtual desktops you have running): Windows key + Tab

More Windows 10 shortcuts

  • Open Windows 10 Action Center: Windows key + A
  • Open Windows Settings: Windows key + I
  • Open Taskbar program (1, 2, 3...): Windows key + Number ("1" opens the first program pinned in the taskbar, and so on).
  • Open Start button context menu: Windows key + X

  • Open the Game DVR recorder: Windows key + G
  • Start recording current activity on screen: Windows key + Alt + G
  • Stop recording: Windows key + Alt + R
  • Open Cortana for voice input: Windows key + Q
  • Open Cortana for text input: Windows key + S

Take a Screenshot

  • Take a screenshot and save it to the Pictures folder: Windows key + PrtSc
  • Grab screenshot of the whole screen and save it to the clipboard: PrtSc
  • Grab screenshot of the current window and save it to the clipboard: Alt + PrtSc
  • Optional For more advanced functionality, Windows 10 comes with a built-in utility called Snipping Tool. You can also use a third party app like Monosnap.

New Windows 10 Command Prompt Shortcuts

  • Highlight text to the left of cursor: Shift + Left
  • Highlight text to the right of cursor: Shift + Right
  • Copy selected text to clipboard: Ctrl + C
  • Paste text from clipboard into command prompt: Ctrl + V
  • Select all text after prompt: Ctrl + A

Old but Good Windows Shortcuts

  • Open the Task Manager: Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  • Open the Run dialog box: Windows key + R
  • Minimize all windows: Windows key + M
  • Restore minimized windows on the desktop: Windows key + Shift + M
  • Maximize window: Windows key + Up arrow
  • Minimize window: Windows key + Down arrow
  • Zoom in or out using Magnifier: Windows key + Plus sign (+) / Minus sign (-)
  • Close the active window, or exit the active app: Alt + F4
  • Display properties for the selected item: Alt + Enter
  • Switch to recent window: Alt + Tab
  • Rename the selected item: F2
  • Search for a file or folder: F3
  • Display the address bar list in the File Explorer: F4
  • Refresh the active window: F5
  • Activate the menu bar in the active window: F10
  • Lock your PC: Windows key + L