Not exactly a surprise, Dell is no longer offering Itanium-based systems, nor will they be offering them in the future. There are still servers remaining to be sold, but Dell will be transitioning to all EM64T capable Xeon systems, for various reasons. Intel isn't exactly concerned, it seems.

"Losing Dell as an Itanium customer is unfortunate, but frankly, we see their impact as negligible," Intel representative Erica Fields said
And why would they be? The Itanum is a niche market product, and the sellers that do offer it now are all big players, such as HP and Fujitsu. This phase out includes servers and workstations, and the Itanium 2. You might remember a few months ago, IBM did a similar thing and stopped supporting the Itanium. Microsoft also cancelled a workstation version of Vista for the Itanium, although there will still be a server version for the processor. Intel and others still back Itanium though, so it looks like it will be sticking around for a while yet.