It can't have escaped your notice that the Internet is not the friendly place that it was 10 years ago. Today, the cyber landscape of our Internet is awash with viruses, phishing, botnets, attempts at bank and identity crime, and even the danger of cyber attacks to strike the interests of western governments. With the world becoming more and more dependant on the Net to do business and make money (which makes the world go round) the possible impact to the economies of Western nations of some devastating attack on the Net is quite worrying indeed.

In the UK, Mark Pritchard MP has called for the creation of a national cyber crime agency to deal with these kinds of threats, to address cyber crime and to attend to the threat of terrorists who might attack critical parts of the UK infrastructure. The creation of a 'Cybersecurity Tsar' has been called for.

However, some see that the role of government is not to try to manage the Internet, or to regulate the way business is conducted through it. This does, however, leave a gap open as to who exactly should own these kinds of problems, because someone clearly needs to.