Silence is golden, and the quest for powerful but silent computing is an uphill battle that many enthusiasts face. Passive coolers are by far the quietest, but often come with a steep price tag as well as a performance sacrifice. Not true with the ASUS Extreme N6600GT Silencer, designed to let you have a 6600GT based GeForce card that is completely silent will still being cool enough to even allow some overclocking. HardOCP takes an in-depth look at the cooler, and since often passive coolers don't get much stagelight it's refreshing. Anyone using silent chassis like the Sonata or concentrating on reducing noise on a powerful rig, take a gander. It's definitely cheaper than watercooling, but as the review shows it offers plenty of wiggle room. It reaches very high temperatures, as expected, going as high as 100 C, which is beyond the comfort zone of some. The price is higher than ordinary cards, but the performance matches up to other 6600s. Take a look if you are interested in silent computing.