As many people will no doubt be up in arms about, British biometric e-passports are set to be issued to applicants. The UK Home Office has announced new passports that have added security features, including a chip holding the carrier's facial details and other data. The Home Office believes that these new biometric e-passports will improve the integrity and security of British passports, and will also help in the detection of forged or manipulated documents. I’m sure that they will also be used in the fight against Terror as well, whatever that has wound up meaning.

"Biometric technology makes use of the unique features we all have and there is no doubt that the use of biometric information to link a person to a passport will enhance security.

"In step with our European partners we will also be considering the inclusion of fingerprints as well as facial data in due course."
Set to be introduced gradually throughout 2006, the biometric e-passports will be issued to all applicants by the end of August, and will contain the digitally coded measurements of the holder’s features such as the distances between eyes, nose, mouth and ears, and other biometric data.