Would people consider a tax on SMS messages fair? Considering it is a service you already pay money for that uses licensed technology that the cell companies also pay for, it seems a bit backwards to also charge a tax for it. However, currently in Europe, there is a proposed tax on anyone sending text messages. The European Union lawmakers have composed the bill, and it is currently under review by Parliament. If passed, all text messages would get a 1.5 cent text, and a fractional cent cent on every single email sent. How this would be tracked and enforced is a good question, but I am sure many are outraged even at the idea. Then again, most phone companies are required to tax their customers for emergency service provisions. In that case, however, the tax is going to help provide the emergency service. This tax would be simply a source of extra revenue. Considering the popularity of SMS, a very large source at that. Would a tax on SMS be agreeable to you?