Ever wish you could retain the same web profile on any machine you went to? Same list of favorites, same cached passwords, same cookies, et cetera? While carrying your profile around on a thumbdrive may get the job done, it'd be pretty cumbersome. Google has come up with a much more elegant idea, and has released Google Browser Sync, specifically designed for the Firefox browser. Although it must be installed as an extension on each computer individually, once it is there, it will keep every machine you have Browser Sync installed on up to date with the same settings for everything.

In addition, it also has the ability to create backup sessions and restoring windows/tabs from older sessions, or bringing them to others. It definitely sounds interesting, and assuming you use Firefox and use multiple computers, is probably worth a shot.

As a side note and in case it wasn't too obvious, the settings are saved on Google's servers, and according to their FAQs all data is encrypted and nearly impossible to interpret without a PIN (which works as a password).