Adding on to the trouble Intel is dealing with in the U.S. over certain business practices, recently a complaint was filed to Germany's FCO by an as of yet unidentified company. The FCO (Federal Cartel Office) in Germany handles complaints about cartel activities and begins investigations. In this instance, only a complaint has been filed – action has not yet been taken. Intel, of course, fully denies such actions and it will be probably a while before we find out who filed the complaint:

Intel has always maintained that its business practices around the world are legitimate and above board. The FCO didn't say who filed the complaint, only that it was made by an Intel competitor. Nor would the organisation reveal what the complaint alleges. However, it's hard not to assume that the grumble relates to the Metro claims.
While all fingers may point to AMD, and they haven't explicitly denied it yet, there are other potentials out there. Regardless, this may have a big impact on the other investigations currently ongoing in other countries.